Supported Rollouts

Many organizations find themselves with a robust new sales, retention or customer service program or new call flows ready to go, but they don’t have the resources to roll them out effectively across the enterprise. Often, they need it very quickly. If this is your situation, Robert C. Davis and Associates can provide 20, 30 or even 50 or more contract trainers and coaches at your owned-and-operated and vendor partner contact centers to implement your new programs and call flows consistently and effectively with superior results. And we can be up and running in your contact centers driving improved results exceptionally fast.

RCDA Sales Champions

Our consultants, RCDA Sales Champions, are master trainers and coaches who can implement your new programs with exemplary results. We will:

  • Effectively execute your programs with expert training and coaching enterprise-wide, strong reporting, continuous improvement and sustainability.
  • Ensure consistency and compliance to new models and best practices.
  • Help sites stay focused on true north (proceeding in the right direction).
  • Create trust and true partnership across call center operations and win the hearts and minds for new processes.
  • Ensure that site teams adopt best practices across the board.

With our Sales Champion resources quickly up to speed and in your contact centers we will provide:

  • Proven training and coaching processes to execute your programs and call flows.
  • Classroom training followed by on-the-floor real-time coaching, observation, performance reviews and support.
  • Operational process confirmations.
  • Agent certification.
  • Frontline leadership/operations development and certification.
  • Specialized skill transfer to leaders and agents.
  • Mentoring and modeling.
  • Assured compliance.

Strong foundation, setting the stage for sustainability

By having RCDA support your rollout, you’ll have a strong foundation and teams that are prepared to sustain new models long term. We’ll provide a highly effective implementation of overall strategy and best practices for higher sales, customer retention and an improved customer experience. You’ll have consistent enterprise-wide training and coaching and operational efficiency. Attrition will go down, because we’ll enhance the contact center culture by winning strong buy-in among site leadership and personnel. Your managers, supervisors and agents will become happier and empowered to be more successful.

Free consultation

Contact RCDA today for a free consultation on how we can roll out your new programs and call flows with superior sales, retention and customer service results—and exponential return on your investment.