Contact Center Consulting Embedded Support

Embedded Support, Supplemental Staffing

You trust your vendors to provide the quality customer service standards that your brand is known for, but you aren’t always able to drop in and check on how things are going. When you visit, they might work a bit harder, dress a bit nicer, sit up a bit straighter, and the supervisors may be a bit more engaged with the CSRs—but you know you can’t be there all the time to ensure they’re keeping up the good work. This is where we come in.

Enterprise-Wide Transformation Initiatives

Sometimes you want to make a big change—a top-down, ground-up, earth-shattering shift that will become a whole new way of doing business. When you want to do a complete makeover of the way your call centers work, from customer service to sales to leadership, RCDA can help design and implement the changes you want to see.

From Home Contact Center Training

Remote Trainer Consulting

You’ve had to make some big adjustments in your business, not the least of which is the transition to working from home. If you’re finding that you haven’t been getting the same results training your team remotely as you did when you trained them live in the classroom, we can help. 

Group Contact Center Training

Contract Trainer Staffing

When you need extra help training your team, we’ve got the people for the job. Whether you need an additional person to supplement your own trainers, or you need a twenty-person training team to come in and teach, we’ve got the expert staff you need.


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Customer Retention Consulting

You know that customer satisfaction equals customer retention. And according to a survey by Small Business Trends, 71% of customers who stopped doing business with a company did so because of an unsatisfactory customer service experience. So how can you ensure your customers are satisfied? You call the experts at RCDA. 

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Customer Acquisitions

Your marketing team has done their job; millions of potential customers are calling your acquisition line. Overall sales are good, and your cost of acquisition is within range. But you still wonder why some agents consistently close at over 40%, while others working the same leads are closing at only 16%. What is the key factor that really makes the difference? RCDA knows exactly how to answer that question. We are the difference. And we’ve proven it time and time again.

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Customer Experience

Happy customers are loyal customers, so you need to know how to give them the best customer experience, every time. RCDA will show you how to teach agents courtesy and empathy, how to train your front-line supervisors on coaching techniques, and how to cultivate and sustain the positive results. We create customized solutions that will greatly improve customer experience—and your bottom line.

Employee Learning

Customer Service to Sales

You want your customer service team to start transitioning into sales, but you know that idea will come with some challenges. They’ll need to learn a whole new skillset, but they’ll also have to shift their entire way of thinking—and their attitude towards sales. You need expert trainers who can help change not only their job description, but their outlook, as well. RCDA can help.

Customized Quality Conversation

Your team knows how to be efficient, but could they be more effective? Could their call flows be customized to specific lines of business? And could the way they speak to your customers be fine-tuned into true Quality Conversations, leading to skyrocketing sales and customer satisfaction rates? We’re glad you asked. Because that’s exactly what RCDA does best.

Training-Contact-Center Employees

Supported Rollouts of New Training Initiatives

You’ve got your new training plan ready to go. You’ve got all the materials you need, the process is nailed down, and the new call flows have been created. This was a major overhaul, but it’s finally all done. You’re all set and ready to launch! But where will you find enough trainers for your teams? How will you be able to roll this major project out quickly, with your entire team on board, trained, and completely ready to hit the phones? RCDA has the trainers who can do it.

Customized Coaching Programs

Your supervisors are unique, and so is your business. So you require unique solutions when it comes to helping your team’s leadership learn to effectively coach their CSRs. RCDA has taught hundreds of supervisors and front-line leadership how to do just that, and we customize how we teach to better help them learn the art of coaching. We’ll give your team the tools they need to coach their CSRs to success.


Call Flow Development

You need specific, actionable call flows to address every situation that comes up in your business. Customers have questions, complaints, concerns, and needs, and sometimes they just want information. So how can you tackle anything that comes your way? RCDA has a solution for you.

Vendor Partner Programs

Whether you need us to create a customized training program, implement strategies that skyrocket your sales, improve CSR attitude and morale, or deploy a whole new culture on the floor, RCDA has the experts and the experience to get your BPO teams up to speed and in line with your goals. 


Traning New Call Center Employees

New Contact Center Deployment

Ready to deploy a whole new contact center? It can be a daunting task. But RCDA has extensive experience and a strong track record of success in launching new contact centers. We’ll help you with everything from site selection to software, from strategic planning to training programs. We can do it all. 

Mergers and Acquisitions Contact Center Assessment

Your business has an exciting new acquisition in the pipeline, and you know it will add a great deal to your company’s value. Your team has people who can evaluate every aspect of your new acquisition to ensure everything fits well with the way you do business. There’s only one thing left that you need help with: their contact centers. Never fear! That’s RCDA’s specialty. 

Fouces Contact Center Employees

Shared Services Center Development

Whether you have several independently running businesses or you’ve bought a few companies recently, you need a way to communicate effectively with your customers. When every business venture has its own way of answering phones, talking to customers, and selling your products or services, you need help achieving the economies of scale you want. Let RCDA design a cohesive, actionable plan to help you combine all your points of contact into one shared services center. 

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Outbound Lead and Appointment Setting

Outbound Lead and Appointment Setting: Please change copy to:
You know the world’s changed a lot when it comes to outbound leads and appointment settings. It can be tough to get someone on the phone to talk about your business when caller ID and spam blocker apps get in the way. You need a partner who can help you build smart strategies to overcome the obstacles that stand between you and your next sale. We can help with that.


We look forward to working together and improving your call center performance.

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