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Case Study

The Challenge

RCDA found that because the company had built a tremendous business that had grown significantly with even greater growth potential in the future, it was experiencing typical growing pains due to this growth. These growing pains included:

• Lack of documentation processes, leading to a lack of consistency in how the job was being done.

• Where documentation did exist, the team members were not following the processes consistently.

• Where documentation doesn’t exist, the organization relied on deep tribal knowledge.

• Qualification processes needed to be put into place in order for Inbound sales callers to be fully qualified as potential ongoing accounts.

• Account managers needed to have a proactive relationship with their accounts, including a regular schedule for contact.

• The new business development team members needed a more structured approach to their work.

The Solution

RCDA created documentation of all important processes and procedures, designed the accompanying training and coaching materials, and implemented a plan for training delivery and project management.

The solution also entailed creating and conducting training for care agents, inbound sales agents, account managers and outbound business development people; conducting coaching skill development for managers and team leaders; coaching and mentoring proven coaching tactics; building out and documenting processes for the escalation desk; developing a floor management strategy; developing a corporate communications strategy; and building out a culture transformation plan.

RCDA also helped the technology side of the business by supplying off-the-shelf solutions, providing project managers to roll out new procedures and technologies, and implementing skill-based routing, which helped callers be sent to appropriate agents working in tiers that reflect the type and complexity of the call.

The Results

RCDA’s optimization of call center processes, documentation, and protocol—as well as the training of agents and supervisors, utilization of upgraded technologies, and the creation of tiered agent lines—completely transformed the entire culture of the contact centers. The company became far more efficient, productive, and cost-effective, and the agents were well trained, accountable, and knowledgeable. Sales company-wide showed a massive improvement: The sales team reported double the number of sales after the rollout of the new programs. This added millions to the company’s bottom line.


RCDA was invited to consult with a nationwide managed site services company that offers a single point of contact for construction, waste management, and other equipment rentals for any location in the United States. The company has extensive relationships with thousands of suppliers throughout the country and a team of over 80 employees of its own, so any request for rentals anywhere in the country can be serviced. They knew that the intense growth and scale of the company required a massive upgrade to their contact center business to meet demand.


Infrastructure and Construction

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