Case Study

The Challenge

RCDA was contacted by company executives, who were looking for an evaluation of their current contact center operation. After a detailed investigation of the company’s call center ecosystem, RCDA uncovered six areas that were deficient or lacking and in need of re-engineering: 

• Significant issues with the current telephony solution.

• Increased expenses due to redundancy and lack of standardization.

• Missed revenue opportunities due to a disjointed process for routing calls and faxes.

• Elevated no-show rates because of a spotty appointment notification process.

• A group of contact center leads who needed training so they could better coach and develop team members.

• Absence of daily, WTD, and MTD reporting, queue, and agent, with no scorecard to drive performance goals.

The Solution

After discovery, RCDA was contracted for 90 days to begin the process of integrating resources into the clients’ central ecosystem and developing resources to mitigate the above-mentioned deficiencies. RCDA’s leadership and training team embedded with the client, integrating as if serving as members of the team. Through this robust integration, a clearer picture of the gaps and opportunities could be observed, and outcomes improved.

The initial challenge was immense: It was learned that more than 1,300 DID numbers across the organization were unaccounted for, causing consumers to experience a high level of unanswered calls. RCDA’s team developed a process to match the DIDs with departments and functions and ensure all calls were routed properly. 

Another key component was to create a reporting process so leadership could sort areas of opportunity by queue and agent; additionally, RCDA trained leadership to deploy the reports to drive patient satisfaction. The enhanced reporting was useful from the C-suite to the front lines, and ultimately has become the backbone of the company’s process to measure progress toward KPIs. 

Finally, intensive training was undertaken to ensure that the structural changes led to a real, lasting change in patient satisfaction.

The Results

The improvements to the telephony solution were significant and bore immediate fruit: Call routing was improved, abandoned calls were reduced, and a lower ASA resulted in higher patient satisfaction. Additionally, RCDA’s DID-routing process led to a dramatic and immediate decrease in patient complaints, while the new reporting process has enabled the pain management company to effectively handle call volume at or above industry standards.


Based on the results achieved during the initial 90-day project, the pain management company extended the engagement for two consecutive three-month engagements, and since has put RCDA on a monthly retainer to continue to identify opportunities and drive results.


Robert C. Davis and Associates was asked to engage with a well-known pain management company that operates more than 120 clinics nationwide. The company is PE-backed and has a recent history of acquiring and integrating new practices into the well-known parent brand. 



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