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Case Study

The Challenge

The credit union had a large and successful contact center, with more than 65 full-time employees handling more than 5,000 calls per day. The marketing department was very skillful in identifying which members qualify for additional credit union products and services. Not only did they market to these members by mail, but they also presented these offers on-screen to the member service representatives whenever a member called.

However, this credit union had one challenge and two main goals going in. The challenge was that offer acceptance rates in the call center were only 11%. The first goal was to grow loans by 6–10%. The second goal was to grow membership, deepen member relationships, and improve sales without compromising an already very high member satisfaction rate.

The Solution

Having completed an intensive site visit and observation before the project, RCDA discovered that the credit union already enjoyed many best practices within the member services center. The organization was aligned well with RCDA’s Quality Conversation methodology from the outset. RCDA customized The Quality Conversation for training classes, coaching, and materials to support the sale of credit union products and services to members calling for inquiries such as verifying transactions or checking balances. The approach, still in place today, includes an enthusiastic greeting, full discovery, and transition to a sales process with an emotional connection and a sense of genuine interest. The process encourages members to share about their finances, interests, and goals, setting the stage for a compelling offer.
Due to this success, the credit union asked RCDA to expand and adapt the sales training and coaching program to its mortgage loan department with mortgage advisors and assistant mortgage advisors.

Over the years, this approach grew into an ongoing partnership:

• RCDA held workshops, refresher training, and booster clinics across the enterprise to improve sustainability and proficiency with topics covering overcoming objections, member motives, prospecting, and goal setting.

• We helped adapt and deliver our specialized training to the credit union’s consumer loan department and underwriters.

• We created and delivered an intensive coaches certification program.

The Results

In the first four months, the credit union’s offer acceptance rate improved from 11% to 26 %, a 136% increase. Its booked loans were up from 6% to 15%, a 150% increase. In the first quarter before the RCDA program, 4,476 loans were sold. After the RCDA program, in the following year’s first quarter, the number of sold loans was up to 5,149. The loan growth exceeded the credit union’s loan growth goal by four percentage points.

Credit union employees have expressed greater confidence and satisfaction with their own jobs because of RCDA’s programs, fully embracing the necessary training and coaching that helps them go the extra mile and sustain improved results over the long term. 


Years after RCDA’s programs were first implemented, we’ve seen our training become an indelible part of the credit union’s culture. They’ve sustained positive results year over year in revenue, mortgage and consumer loans, and membership. Financial performance and member service experience scores have remained exceptional, even after the organization completed a major core software conversion—which had become necessary because of the credit union’s growing business.


A member-owned financial cooperative credit union partnered with RCDA to improve member satisfaction and credit union service performance. Its business provides financial banking services to multiple member groups, but primarily serves federal, state, and local government employees. This client was the second-largest credit union in its state, with assets totaling $7.53 billion and membership totaling more than 409,000 customers.


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