About RCDA

The RCDA team changes culture, achieves results and sustains performance

Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) is not just another training, coaching and consulting company. We are a change agent that helps customer contact centers achieve their goals and sustain their success with an exclusive process we call The Quality Conversation.


Sophisticated Marketplace. The world has changed significantly for organizations that rely on customer contact centers to generate revenue. Now more than ever, customers are more sophisticated and aware of competitive opportunities. It is far more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than to attract a new one, so we can no longer be passive telemarketers or order takers.

World-Class Culture. Training is critical, but it simply isn’t enough. A change in organizational culture must take place to ensure your people handle every customer contact in a world-class way. Bring that change about with RCDA. Learn more about our process.


Better Bottom Lines. By changing cultures, our programs have generated millions of dollars for our clients. RCDA achieves dramatic bottom-line improvement by providing:

  • Situation analyses
  • Strategic sales model, call-flow and customer contact protocol development
  • Training and coaching for customer contact center personnel and management
  • Custom-created programs for improving sales, customer service and customer retention

See some of the results that our programs have helped our clients achieve.


What good is a training program and culture change if its effect fades away and the old ways of doing things return?

Staying Power. For decades we have worked on sustainability at all levels of our clients’ organizations, from customer contact center personnel and their managers to top company leadership:

  • We blend formal instruction and real-world application.
  • We get out on the floor with your people and coach them one-on-one until we have achieved sustainable skill transfer.
  • We model ideal behaviors for your supervisors and coach them on these behaviors until they can carry them out with excellence.
  • We stay on the job until we have achieved sustainable results at every level—from the newest telesales, customer service or retention representative to the most senior executive.

We transfer our skills to your coaches and training department. So even after we leave, an enduring foundation for long-term high performance remains. Learn more about our fundamental beliefs.