Performance, morale and attrition – truly miraculous outcomes

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Do your supervisors seem to be stuck at their computers answering emails, attending countless meetings, and handling a lot of administrative work, taking them away from coaching and developing their teams of 12, 15, 18, or more members? Do you have a time goal or a number goal for coaching and development activities but find they are just not being met consistently as a result of all these other tasks?

This is a very common challenge in contact centers and leads to missed KPIs, low morale and high attrition.

What if I could show you a process, based on workforce management best practices for agents, that we have developed for supervisors to help them better organize their day and meet their coaching and development goals?

We call it the continuous improvement process (CIP), a series of coaching tactics (monthly performance reviews, side-by-side coaching, huddles, and management by walking around or quick laps) built into your WFM solution. We also provide a custom-built Week In the Life Of (WILO) solution that ensures supervisors are spending a minimum of 50% of their day developing team members.

We have implemented this solution with countless clients, and the outcomes are truly miraculous. For a Fortune 100 telecom client, the discipline we built into the daily routines of supervisors improved customer retention from 31% to 45%. Morale improved and attrition declined.

Would you like to realize giant gains in performance and morale and lower attrition? Let’s set up a call and discuss how Robert C. Davis and Associates ( and our exclusive Quality Conversation continuous improvement process and WILO solution can make it happen.