The key to an effective marketing spend is alignment with the contact center, and the proper focus on the floor: The Quality Conversation

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO

How much money does your company spend marketing products and services, which generates calls into your contact center? Are your contact center agents maximizing every contact and driving conversion?

We recently worked with a company that increased the monthly spend to drive potential customers to the contact center from $100K to $400K per month. Although we believe this is a smart strategy to acquire new customers, it requires alignment with contact center leadership, workforce management, recruiting and training to achieve success.

If you are holding your marketing budget steady:

  • Is the call flow encouraging what we call a Quality Conversation approach ( to maximizing the outcome of each call?
  • Are supervisors experts in coaching and development and building world-class teams?

If the decision has been made to spend additional marketing dollars, as a marketing leader have you considered:

  • How much additional call volume is forecasted?
  • Has this forecast been shared with WFM so they can staff properly?
  • If more staff is needed, has recruiting been notified?
  • Is training in the loop regarding new-hire training (if required) and any ongoing training for existing staff?
  • Has the marketing material been shared with all parties so they understand the content and cadence?

These are just a few of the questions required to ensure your organization is prepared when making decisions regarding spending marketing dollars that will impact the contact center.


What happens when there’s a disconnect

At another client, there was a disconnect between product marketing and the contact center.  Notification of new product launches were not being communicated to the contact center in a timely manner, leaving little to no time for up-training staff on the types of calls they would receive regarding the new product. This led to longer calls and a poor customer experience.


What happens when there’s alignment

Conversely, we were engaged by the marketing leader of a telecommunications company who was in front of the issue. His goal was to maximize every call he delivered to the contact center, and he accomplished this by:

  1. Engaging Robert C. Davis and Associates, with a carve out from his marketing budget, to ensure every agent was training on having a Quality Conversation (
  2. Ensured the supervisors were prepared to properly coach and develop each team member using RCDA embedded support (

The results were dramatic and returned $10 for every $1 spend on the RCDA initiative.


A Quality Conversation of our own

Spending marketing dollars, and doing so with the right focus, is critical to driving sales at the contact center level. Let’s have a Quality Conversation of our own to ensure your marketing spend is being maximized. Contact Robert C. Davis and Associates today.