NPS measures success, enables us to practice what we preach

Hunt-Larry-2-174-2By Larry Hunt, Vice President and Practice Leader

At Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA), not only do we help our clients implement and measure continuous improvement plans, we strive as a company to continuously improve our performance.

On January 26, 2017, we conducted an NPS survey to determine our impact on our client. The survey was a three-question anonymous survey of our client’s contact center site leadership about RCDA’s performance in our support of 10 sites. We are happy to report very positive results, with a 60.7 NPS score compared to an industry average of 26, and an average score of 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “extremely likely to recommend RCDA to other companies.” Not only is 9 score impressive, the open-ended responses are also overwhelmingly positive.

Post-survey feedback has been validating as well. “This is phenomenal – thanks for sharing. I can only echo this analysis and am very appreciative of the opportunity to work closely with you and your team. You provided a best-in-class experience that is still being talked about today. Keep up the great work!”

– Lead marketing manager, global markets for the client

The biggest room in the world

As with all NPS surveys, the results not only confirm the positive achievement the RCDA team has had, they also provide valuable feedback on what we consider the biggest room in the world no matter how successful we are: the room for improvement!

Recipients and respondents

  • 56 total recipients
  • 28 respondents as of Monday, January 30, 2017 (50% response rate)


RCDA is very pleased to present the following cumulative results.

Question 1: How satisfied are you with RCDA’s services? (28 responses)


Question 2: How likely would you be to recommend RCDA to other companies? (28 responses)


Question 3: What are the primary reasons behind the ratings you provided?

Please see open-ended responses at the end of this post.

NPS (the score)


The question that determines the NPS is, “How likely would you be to recommend RCDA to other companies?” (question 2). Based on the above guideline our NPS is as follows:

Promoters (%) – 9s and 10s = 75%
Detractors (%) – 0s through 6s = 14.3%
RCDA NPS = 60.7

According to NPS consulting firm Inavero (, here are the figures for B2B consulting firms:

  • NPS – 26
  • Average score – 7.97
  • % promoters – 46%
  • % passives – 34%
  • % detractors – 20%


  • Beat the industry NPS by 35 points (61 versus 26).
  • Beat the average score by 1 point (9 versus 8).
  • Beat the % promoters by 15 points (61% versus 46%).
  • Has less than the industry average of passives (11% versus 34%).
  • Has less than the industry average of detractors (14% versus 20%).


We are very pleased with these very positive results. At the same time, we welcome the detractor feedback. Always aiming for continuous improvement, we will look into and address the issues brought to our attention.

To learn more about RCDA’s offerings and how we can help your team with continuous improvement, please contact us.

Open-ended responses to Question 3: What are the primary reasons behind the ratings you provided?

Note: Open-ended responses are verbatim.

How satisfied are you with RCDA’s services? How likely would you be to recommend RCDA to other companies? What are the primary reasons behind the ratings you provided?
10 10 Chris is amazing!! he such an amazing person he has helped our agents and managers a lot.
10 10 Our consultant Chris Crews was very knowledgeable about sales processes, how to identify strengths and areas of opportunity, great ways to provide feedback and teach, great leader, amazing people skills,  very analytical and also supportive. I would highly recommend him.
10 10
10 10 I am reading How to Win Friends and Influence People and I can hear a lot of their principles in my interactions with Chris.
10 10 I asked for help they strategized with me every morning we executed the plans, they sat with consultants gave them ideas and helped me get my sales where are they are at today
10 10 Chris’s approach was genuine. He showed professional concern for my quality of work and willingness to help me. He displayed a strong sense of purpose and making the most of his time here. Your Firm has always made an impact to our success in our business and I hope we will continue to utilize your Firm.
10 10 My time with Larry was immensely helpful. Larry was great at recognizing my coaching gaps and helped me to gain skills that would fill them.
10 10 Incredible knowledge and teaching technique
10 10
10 10 The primary reason is because you can find the areas of opportunities in what you can improve better and also you can learn new strategies on how to perform better in different areas.
5 5 I feel that there was more coaching done on me than helping with the performance of my agents and that is my many concern at this time. There is always room for growth on every supervisor, simply because no one is perfect; however, not much was done to assist me in moving my agents numbers.
8 8 Daily support and coaching, Follow though completed and upbeat and positive.
9 9
8 8 I would recommend RCDA to other companies.  Some coaching were very helpful and was able to improve my team’s stats
9 10 Very engaged and caring team members that truly care about leveraging and building our success. -Thank you
10 10 Great people to work with.  They were great at delivering training.
10 10 We really enjoyed out time with Jessica.  She was extremely professional and put some fantastic strategies in place to help our agents.  She will be missed!
10 9 Really engaged employees committed and always asking for feedback. Both were really helpful and shared as much information as they could in the short time been with us. Good strategies were shared.
6 6 I would like to have seen more specific feedback, detailing what was observed, what was coached, and any successes that came from the coaching.  I have worked with other RCDA employees in the past and have been given more applicable feedback on areas that were worked on.
10 5 Chris Crew did a wonderful job. Not in a position to make recommendations
7 7 The representative has a lot of wonderful ideas. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with the rep for long as she was focused on other teams more. The times she worked with my reps their performance showed some improvement.
10 10 Jayson was an amazing help. focused our week together and improved results.
9 9 Very knowledgeable, passionate about their work, know what success looks like.
10 10 Effective coaching tools, great skill assessment and knowledge exchange process
8 9 Provided some helpful advice and tips on effective coaching.
10 10 I was generally satisfied with RCDA’s services.  I felt the people were knowledgeable, friendly, and looking to help us improve.
1 1 No value added.
9 9 Really knowledgeable. The feedback provided was positive and constructive and presented in a way that immediate actions can be taken. The tools shared have started to help us have a better control of behaviors that have been affected our performance.