Verizon Wireless Primed for Success in 2014


Verizon is riding a tide of good news. That is, the news media has been kind to the broadband and telecommunication company over the past few years, priming it for success in 2014. For example, Verizon made the Fortune 500 list in 2013 and was the top telecommunications company in Fortune’s 2012 list of World’s Most Admired Companies. More recently, Verizon has been in the news in 2014 for buying out Vodafone’s 45% stake in the company in one of the biggest corporate acquisitions in history to become sole owners of their own company. This success can be attributed to their people-centric business strategy.

Verizon’s overall business strategy

Verizon claims its core goal is to “create the most respected brand in telecommunications.” They work towards this goal by investing in taking good care of employees. For example, the nearly 188,000 employees receive a total of $3.6 billion dollars spending for health care coverage per year.

Recent successes and coverage in the media


In addition to the coverage of their overall success in Fortune 500, Verizon has also recently been honored for a variety of specific aspects of their business practice. Verizon has been honored for high quality of service – ranking highest in Network Quality in five regions according to J. D. Power and Associates. Additionally, and not surprisingly, considering the company’s people-centric business strategy, Verizon has been recognized for workplace excellence: for example, the company was named to Working Mother’s list of Best Companies for Multicultural Women. Verizon says they encourage employees to “own their own careers” by offering training, room for growth, tuition compensation, medical benefits and even a day care program for mothers.

How wireless companies can achieve higher sales and increased retention


Telecommunications companies all want to do their best in providing great  customer service. Verizon is on the right path with their core business strategy of investing in human capital. One way Verizon and other wireless companies can continue to improve their voice of the customer and net promoter scores is to invest in high quality training for call center agents. My team has developed a specific program to improve sales of cable and satellite companies, a program that will adapt well in the wireless industry. Our results include a 100% improvement in RGU loss on retention calls and a 50% increase on saves from cancellation calls.

Our approach involves training agents in The Quality Conversation, leading to better rapport with customers, more sales, higher employee retention and customer loyalty. We specialize in training agents in top-class customer retention techniques. Our methods can also be key in helping wireless companies enter new markets.

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