How to Retain Call Center Staff

Turnover rates are among the biggest struggles in the contact center industry. The key to higher retention rates is simple: greater attention to motivating, nurturing and developing call center staff. The retention and motivation of your staff has a direct relationship with your customer base. In other words, if your agents are committed to your business, your customers will be, too. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to retain call center staff with easy steps to boost employee loyalty, grow company knowledge and understanding, and improve agent-customer interactions.


It Starts with the Interview

Be proactive and curb your call center turnover rates by starting at the hiring process. First, identify personality traits that are optimal for call center work: outgoing, creative, goals-oriented and focused on sales. You can also do this by evaluating your current staff and the characteristics of those who are your best agents. Evolv, a San Francisco based workforce probability firm analyzed data from over 21,100 call center staff members and found that creativity, curiosity, and ability to multitask have a strong correlation with how long the staff members might stay in the role. These factors proved to be a stronger predictor of likelihood to stay with a job, even more so than previous employment history. Looking for the right personality traits during the first interview is the first step you can take to building a loyal workforce.


Agent Training and Having Authentic Conversations

Agent training should be the next focus of improving your call center staff turnover rates. Through proper training, your call center staff should be educated about your company and its mission, goals and strategic objectives. Training is also the time to keep your call center staff motivated and challenged by setting expectations, high standards and incentives for meeting these. After educating your call center staff and boosting their enthusiasm, you can focus on job specific training such as direct interaction with clients. The ideal call center staff member displays the perfect combination of properly utilizing scripted materials and authenticity. Your call center staff should be driven by the prompts of their scripted materials and be able to put their knowledge and passion into practice when met with unique customer situations. Encourage your agents to have genuine conversations with your customers by making training imaginative and interactive. If your call center agents are well trained and confident, you will directly increase your level of customer service excellence. And your call center agents’ happiness will translate into better customer relationships, even creating customers who become advocates for your brand.

Personalized Motivation, Surveys and Call Center Environment

In addition to training, there are other factors you should consider when determining how to retain call center staff. Historically, people in the contact center industry have relied on monetary incentives to keep call center staff engaged. This is a strategy that may increase productivity on a short term basis, but it does not show proven results in the long term. This is why personalized motivational tactics are encouraged as part of training. However, there are other methods outside of training that can impact the levels of commitment and efficiency of your call center staff. Surveying your call center staff could be one way to not only engage your workers and show your investment in them but also find out exactly what their needs are so you can meet them. Another tactic to consider is the culture and morale among the members of your call center staff. The environment of your call center and the interactions between staff members are factors that impact productivity and satisfaction. By making the members of your call center staff cohesive and feel like a team will encourage them to support each other.


If your call center is still struggling with turnover rates, you can always contact Robert C. Davis and Associates to be an agent of change. I have more than 30 years of experience in assisting call centers with all of their processes from hiring to training to increasing sales. Contact me today, and mention this blog post for a free strategy session.