Introducing 3 New Services in 2014

We’ve heard your call! We know how rapidly the customer service landscape is changing, and we’re here to help your agents and call centers adapt smoothly and efficiently. This is why we’re proud to announce three new services available in 2014:

Through each of these three new services, we will continue to maintain our belief that the key to success in a customer contact center is the ability and desire to have quality conversations with every customer.

Quality Monitoring

In our new Quality Monitoring service, we address the two key elements involved in Quality Monitoring: internal and external. Internal Quality Monitoring (IQM) reflects the customer’s experience after receiving the service and is typically obtained through customer surveys. External Quality Monitoring (EQM) is based on the contact center’s goals and is usually measured through call monitoring.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

To successfully execute Quality Monitoring, IQM and EQM need to coordinate, be accurate and well balanced. Customer surveys are a way to identify the importance of various methods of quality assurance including call monitoring, scripting and call recording. Call monitoring accounts for a majority of quality assurance across all contact center markets. With effective Quality Monitoring in place, you can better assess your agents’ performance and improve training for current and future staff members.

Service to Sales

Service to sales transitions have officially gone global, and our new service to sales training services will help you and your business make the shift quickly and effectively. A majority of call centers are adding sales to their customer service roles, and training is essential to guarantee the success of these agents. By staying competitive with the evolving customer service market and maximizing your resources, you can increase your profits in the long run.

Contact Center Agent Training for transitioning from service to sales

While many customer service employees may be resistant to change and transitioning to a sales role, with the proper training and a smooth shift in company culture, those in customer service roles have the potential to excel in sales. Our new training services and workshops can help prepare your agents with valuable resources and expert tips to help them feel comfortable and confident in a sales role. We have developed proven training methods, such as our exclusive Quality Conversation approach, to ensure the success of your agents’ transitions from service to sales.

Customer Retention

customer satisfaction, training your customer service representatives as experts,It’s evident that customer retention rates significantly influence the prosperity of a business, and there are always new tactics to help improve customer retention. This is why we’ve added a new service to our consultancy for customer retention strategies. There are two primary factors involved in the customer retention process. The first element is to address current customers who are dissatisfied. You must fulfill these customers by proactively ensuring customer satisfaction, training your customer service representatives as experts, and being absolutely engaged with your customers.

The second aspect of customer retention is directed toward customers who are up for renewal of your services. The key to gaining a renewal is through that same absolute engagement between your customer service agents and your customers. Through our new Customer Retention Strategies services, we will help you make fundamental improvements in your dialogue and customer service culture through instruction and training to improve your customer retention.

Are there other services for customer contact centers that you feel are not being addressed? Please a comment below, and we will do our best to build strategies around those needs.

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