Brad Baumunk, President and COO

Baumunk-Brad-174-6Brad Baumunk joined RCDA as a Senior Consultant in January 2014 and quickly rose through the ranks to vice president and COO and now President and COO. He manages day-to-day operational activities and is responsible for strategic partner relations. He oversees day-to-day operations for RCDA and has direct responsibility for all accounts as well as new business development.

Brad’s call center experience spans 24 years.

Before joining RCDA, Brad was president of the B. Baumunk and Associates consultancy, solution marketing manager and best practices lead in customer service for Genesys, director of resource planning and workforce management for Farmers Insurance, director of operations and account services for National Asset Recovery Services (NARS), director of call center service for EchoStar Satellite LLC (DISH Network) and vice president of operations for Marlin Logistics and ContactNet, and general manager for AOL.

Brad is a leader with a proven track record in sales, retention, customer service, collections, tech support, outbound acquisition and win-back. His broad experience includes working in industries including insurance, entertainment, telecom, health care and merchandising. Additionally, he has extensive near-shore outsourcing experience.

He has extensive knowledge in enterprise contact center solutions through his work for Genesys, a recognized leader of enterprise contact center solutions. He is recognized as a highly effective leader, handling a diverse workforce across multiple locations and shifts. His organizational skills result in maximum productivity and profitability.

Brad is a self-motivated, results-oriented professional with excellent communication skills, as demonstrated through client, customer and employee interaction at all levels within the organization.