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Helping wireless call centers drive dramatic gains in sales, retention and service

Clear-wire-4g-wimax-Samsung-HTCAccording to a recent report from leading global management and strategy consulting firm Booz & Company, wireless companies have had to deal in recent years with two major game-changers. The first was the global economic downturn. The second has been mass digitization, a phenomenon that gives consumers and business customers more provider options and causes them to demand a higher level of service. This makes them more likely to switch providers, and it has made a highly competitive industry even more competitive. At Robert C. Davis and Associates, using our exclusive Quality Conversation approach at the call center level for our wireless clients, we have been remarkably successful in helping them drive dramatic increases in sales, customer retention and customer service in this environment.

Experience creators

The Booz & Company report goes on to say that to be successful today, wireless companies need to be “experience creators.” This means they must set themselves apart from their competitors, gain deep insights into customer wants, interests and needs, create the best possible customer experience, and deliver world-class customer service. RCDA’s Quality Conversation is based upon all of these factors.

Adding value, training and coaching for sustainability

We base our proven methodology upon the premise of adding value on every contact. We train and coach representatives to ask customers about all their wireless needs in a conversational way. This ultimately relates their wants, interests and needs to the telco’s products and services and helps transition service calls easily to sales. We work with supervisors to help them master the process and coach their team for sustainability. The Quality Conversation builds rapport and trust, and it increases the likelihood that customers will be highly satisfied with member service, accept more offers (even when calls start out a service only), and deepen the customer relationship by using more products, services and premium plans.

The Quality Conversation has two essential components. Agents must show genuine interest in the customer, and they must ask key questions to evoke an emotional response.

It also involves a robust sales process that leads representatives through an enthusiastic greeting, full discovery, solution, overcoming objections and an assumptive close. Learn more here.


For example, using The Quality Conversation in an RCDA program entitled “Rethink Service,” AT&T held 90-minute workshops to help agents transition from service to sales. Key program elements included:

  • The importance of the agent’s role in selling
  • Attitude control
  • The idea that “we’re not selling, we’re educating.”
  • The phases in the transition from service to sales.
  • An intensive review of the sales process within The Quality Conversation methodology.

As a result, 11 AT&T customer contact centers went from 0 U-Verse sales to 90,000 sales in six months on just three percent of call volume.

At RCDA, our slogan is Change, Achieve, Sustain. For wireless organizations and our clients across all industries, we help change cultures, achieve desired results and sustain those results over the long term.

Free consultation

What can The Quality Conversation and RCDA change, achieve and sustain for your company? Based on experience, we’re confident you’ll boost customer satisfaction, deepen customer relationships, convert more service calls to sales and drive revenue significantly higher. Contact RCDA today for a free consultation.

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