151203143652-new-directv-logo-780x439Thank you for the work you did in building a more effective retention strategy. We held an executive call listening session, and the agents that participated in your pilot performed head and shoulders above the rest. Your strategy to approach the retention conversation differently allowed our customers to open up and communicate with the agents without putting up their guard. We have seen increased agent confidence, increased quality scores, and overall increased retention as a result of your help. Feedback from the agents: “Working on the retention pilot gave me the confidence to approach saving our customers in a way I was comfortable and in turn helped me retain more customers.” “My job is so much easier now that I have better direction on how to get the customers to open up and talk to me.” “Thanks for all the work you did with us. My retention rate, activation rate, and resolution rate have all improved.”

Kim Ogletree, Director, Sales and Marketing Operations, DIRECTV

NPS Survey Responses, DIRECTV and Vendor Partners across the US

151203143652-new-directv-logo-780x439The consultants from RCDA provided solid coaching for both agents and managers in our offices. Their knowledge and enthusiasm was excellent. It was easy to see their call center experience coming through.

Stellar overall harmony and movement in KPIs. Highly recommend.

I feel RCDA has very talented leaders, takes the time to understand its customer’s needs. Utilizes tools to validate performance results.

RCDA associates are well trained. The associate was very good at coaching the reps and getting them to perform.

Strong support, talented team.

I have had some great interactions with the people of your organization that have helped me learn and grow as a leader. I recognize the talent that your organization employs and the impact you are able to make when your team is present on site. The support your organization has provided is greatly appreciated and helped us sustain and continue our success as a strategic partner.

The development processes optimized skill transfer, facilitation was extremely interactive and coaches were adept to all personality and learning attributes in the sessions.

The sales behaviors and live in-the-moment assistance our sales professional from RCDA has provided has been a tremendous resource to strategically use in driving results.

Your representatives have passion! They are very skilled individuals that have the excitement for sales that all of our centers need. No specialist has come close to providing this type of training and care to our representatives. They are efficient, punctual, well spoken, hard working and above all know the trade very well! I am very impressed with your company.

Absolutely amazing, a wealth of knowledge, charisma, willingness to help at all times.

Very knowledgeable about their product, in sync with our values and goals, dependable, energetic and very engaged with the center. By far, best services we have had.

RCDA consultants are professional and understand the big picture. They reach out and connect with us individually to check for understanding versus just sending out group emails. Reached out and connected with us to see how they could mold their vision with our needs to get the best results. I appreciate the opportunity to work with your staff. They are great.

The representatives located here are outstanding, extremely liked by the inbound and bilingual teams. Their messages are loud and clear. They are extremely motivating and interact with our sales reps tremendously.

Your consultant has provided excellent one-on-one support to the entire center. She has helped us deliver excellent DIRECTV sales results by training and coaching both agents and supervisors. She is truly an asset to our organization.

Consistent support and positive attitude! We are excited to have your consultant in our center to support and guide us to be better sales associates. We enjoy having him support our team and continue to strive to be better than we were yesterday. He creates incentives that encourage and motivate us to sell on a daily basis. Thank you!

I learned key skills such as skills transfer, team culture and effective coaching skills. Working with RCDA has made me a better manager overall.

The RCDA consultant is always on the floor. He is always proactive. He is always thinking and finding ways to improve our sales. You can tell the difference when he is on premise and when he is not.

Your consultant is doing a phenomenal job. She stays engaged with the representatives, coaching them on selling techniques and taking ownership of any questions that we may have, whether it is regarding sales techniques or order entry questions. She has been hugely beneficial and is a big part of why our DIRECTV sales have increased.

The daily mentoring and championing of our DIRECTV products, features and promotions are exemplary. We are so lucky to have the product support in our call center. The RCDA consultant drives our sales and incentives daily along with mentoring all of the management team. Very engaged. Willing to learn the agent’s behavior. Truly encouraging.

Our consultant has been fabulous! She is extremely energetic and charismatic in her presentations. She has been able to gain a lot of buy-in on sales techniques, which has increased performance tremendously!

I leave every conversation with good, new information designed to help with every aspect of managing these folks. I have been here for five years and have never been as comfortable with the product as I am now based on these meetings. I have found so many different perspectives and ways to look at offering this service, and I attribute that to my interaction with RCDA. Thank you for the support.

The support given here for our center has been amazing. The coaching and training has been awesome. Thank you.

Our RCDA representative has been extremely hands-on, making sure our reps understand the product and make it fun to push for additional sales. He is knowledgeable about both DIRECTV and call center work. He is available and helps me whenever I need it, sometimes at the drop of a hat.

It is great to have real-time feedback to reps, to have support for product and words and actions that help DIRECTV and our center sales. Very interactive with all team members.

RCDA has been a great help to our center. The coaching has been very helpful to our agents.

My experience with this group has been very good. The leaders on site are easy to work with, knowledgeable and truly trying to help make everyone better.

RCDA delivered on their promises and services that were offered. They worked very hard to ensure that results were achieved.

The team on site are thorough, engage our team members, look for creative solutions when training team members that need alternative learning options. The team also ensures they adhere to our internal policies and procedures including our strict security process.

Engaged in moving the needle and not just filling a seat. Hands on, expertise in the industry.

High impact, exceptional execution, and a strong understanding of the business top/down in working on the DIRECTV account: Coaching sessions, overall flexibility, understanding of complex programs, management engagement.

VertexLogo_NoFlame-croppedIt’s an investment that reaps rewards, an exponential return.

Fidel Edwards, Vice President, Vertex (a BPO supporting a major utility provider in Georgia)

RCDA learned our business (selling a commodity), listened to calls, and built a program within guidelines and limitations. They’re masters at what they do and sit and learn your business. They partner with you, come in and become a part of the fabric. It was a culture shift, and they have instant credibility. RCDA can make a difference on many levels. You get more than what you were asking for and it has a ripple effect: The program, facilitator guide, participant guide, but we got so much more. It wasn’t in the specific deliverables, it was the value add. We’ve seen just spectacular results.

Carolyn Kiel, VP of Operations, Vertex (a BPO supporting a major utility provider in Georgia)

empereon-marketing-largex3-logo-02082016-2The changes RCDA made helped us to focus and prioritize our operational processes, which helped us achieve significant improvement to our sales, at the same time providing a better customer experience for our client and their customers.”

Steve Bodner, Vice President, Empereon Marketing, LLC

clear-harborI cannot tell you how grateful I am for the expertise, energy and enthusiasm that RCDA has added in developing these “mid-course corrections” for our DGS program. The results in such a short time are astounding, and quite frankly you are “saving our bacon” here on this account.

Brian Lambert, Chief Operating Officer, Clear Harbor LLC

usa todayUSA TODAY hired RCDA to maximize the performance of our inbound customer service center. Their enthusiasm, expertise, dedication, attention to detail, and most of all a relentless commitment to results served USA TODAY well and helped us to increase sales and to craft an effective retention program. Highly recommended.

Stephen Shields, Advanced Consultant at Gallup

aolThe expectations RCDA set for themselves cannot be matched! They infuse the organization with years of experience and training methods that have the power to completely reshape the thinking of an entire company.

Kevin Schermerhorn, Assistant General Manager, AOL Inc.

RCDA gives us a laser-sharp focus on our sales process. This helps us to give value back to our members. They built a project that combined the best training I’ve seen along with follow-up coaching to make it all happen. Our results are significantly improving.

Kim Conlee, Assistant General Manager, AOL Inc.