Yvan Garcia, Senior Consultant

Garcia-Yvan-174Yvan Garcia joined RCDA in February 2014 as Senior Business Analyst, supporting AT&T/DIRECTV coaching and best practices initiatives. He has since worked with AT&T/DIRECTV vendor partners including Alorica, CenturyLink, Clearlink, Convergys, S&P Data and VXI. Most recently he has served as a Senior Consultant for the direct sales division of AT&T/DIRECTV. 

Yvan’s true passion is people. Creating a sincere connection and building a relationship with every employee is paramount to him. His enthusiasm and compassion are infectious qualities which serve as drivers in making a sustainable impact.

Having served as a Director of Operations, he led various telecom divisions and utilizes a customized approach to leverage the most optimal performance. As a Merchant Services Analyst and Head of Business Intelligence, he championed the ability to utilize data to establish performance goals and structure program initiatives to measure organizational success.

He is an extremely dynamic and passion-driven professional who loves tapping into the why. He has deep experience in leading large sales divisions towards continued growth through strategic development. His ability to connect on all organizational levels has created sustainable partnerships that continue to increase bottom-line results.