Stacy Kirby, Communications Specialist

Kirby-Stacy-174-3Stacy Kirby has nearly 20 years of experience working in corporate communications. She is passionate about great design and creating communications that are effective and cut through the clutter. Her specialties include creative project management, communications strategy and planning, graphic design, writing, advertising and branding.
Her experience has taught her to understand the big picture and execute on the details. She has worked at two top engineering firms, where she supported some of the country’s largest environmental cleanup, energy and transportation projects including Hurricane Katrina emergency response and recovery and nuclear remediation at former World War II Manhattan Project sites for the Department of Energy.

Stacy also worked at a global non-profit organization focused on eliminating childhood poverty. This work involved communicating to leaders in more than 37 countries where English was often a second language.

Throughout her career, Stacy has consistently been recognized as a problem solver, a reliable teammate and a creative and dynamic contributor. She is thoughtful about her audience and thrives on excellence. Her top five Gallup Strengths are Strategic, Analytical, Deliberative, Individualization and Arranger. She holds a degree in Technical Journalism with an emphasis in Marketing and Public Relations from Colorado State University.