Patrick Connor, Consultant


Patrick Connor is responsible for the development, delivery and reinforcement of training. Patrick has more than 30 years of experience as a sales training consultant and leadership trainer, including serving as director of operations for a world-renowned US-based training and leadership firm located in Asia. His adaptability and understanding of selling theory and sales techniques have made him popular with clients in the medical device and technology industries.

He has trained Olympic coaches, corporate executives, academics and government employees (including the directorate level of the Hong Kong government). He has worked in global industries and markets, including manufacturing, transportation, banking, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. He has worked in call centers all over the world for firms including AOL, AT&T, Clear Harbor, USA TODAY, Police and Fire Federal Credit Union and Charter Communications.

Patrick has been a sales training consultant for more than 80,000 individuals over the span of his career, and he has worked in 11 countries outside of the US. He specializes in executive development and corporate sales training. His vast expertise in facilitating better communications skills and interpersonal skills have enabled him to fulfill his personal mission: helping people worldwide live more profitable and productive lives.