Mel Dallas, Consultant

Dallas-Melanie-1-174-2Melanie Dallas joined RCDA in 2013 and has supported multiple projects for AT&T/DIRECTV, helping implement new customer experience quality teams. She has had ongoing success in training, coaching and developing agents at AT&T/DIRECTV sites, currently supporting DIRECTV’s customer retention group.

Melanie is a highly accomplished trainer and coach with more than 23 years experience in leadership and customer satisfaction. She served as a fundamental member of the leadership team at USA TODAY and Sports Weekly for 14 years and climbed the ladder quickly to serve as supervisor, trainer and account manager. She managed three major vendors and national customer service activities related to sales and retention with a base of 2.1 million USA TODAY and Sports Weekly subscribers.

She developed, implemented and reported on all aspects of new-hire and remedial training for customer service including subscriber delivery and circulation, retention, email, correspondence and call center improvements. As an account manager, she implemented a quality initiative to measure and improve the customer experience and efficiency for subscribers. This resulted in a 6.7% improvement on the customer satisfaction survey and a 10% improvement in overall quality assurance scores. It increased client saves from 3% to 56% in 18 months and improved the customer retention rate from 4% to 40% within nine months.

Melanie is a dynamic, creative and engaged leader whose dedication to excellence shows in everything she does. She understands clearly how customer service impacts loyalty and retention and combines a passion for client-centric service with a laser focus on world-class execution.