Lisa Pustelak, Senior Consultant

Pustelak-Lisa-174-3Lisa Pustelak joined the RCDA team in 2014. She has worked on several projects, including leading a major DIRECTV process change initiative, sustaining the program in multiple sites to drive sales performance. Lisa has more than 20 years of award-winning sales experience. She thrives on helping teams improve their sales by increasing their confidence and helping them master their sales skills. She is a positive, driven and energetic person who provides inspiration, motivation and accountability to those around her.

During her 14 years with AT&T (formerly Cellular One), Lisa developed a passion for helping team members increase their sales, boost their confidence and improve overall productivity. Her experience includes sales, management of sales and support, training and leading teams to exceed expectations.

Having worked with teams in multiple industries in the past several years, she has helped her clients create and implement sales processes, improve customer service, increase morale and greatly increase overall productivity and efficiency.

Lisa’s genuine interest in helping people realize their full potential and her ability to lead them to take the actions steps needed has resulted in her clients continuing to thank her for creating dramatic positive results in their businesses.