Lavarris Dailey, Consultant

Dailey-Lavarris-174-2Lavarris Dailey is a results-oriented professional with 15 years of experience in progressive leadership, training development and sales management. Lavarris has an uncanny ability to facilitate and improve new hire training programs to increase jobs, team morale and staff retention. He specializes in transforming high-potential staff into outstanding leaders who demonstrate the creativity and savvy that is critical to financial and operational success.

He believes in fostering a work environment where each employee knows he or she is valued. With his unique set of creative and interpersonal skills, he is able to connect with a very diverse group of people while employing effective skills necessary to operational success. His professional interest focuses on communicative approaches to behaviors, strategic planning and cooperative learning

Throughout his career Lavarris has taken a genuine interest in helping people channel their inner ability to maximize their potential.