Larry Hunt, Vice President, Practice Leader

Hunt-Larry-2-174-2Larry Hunt works closely with RCDA president and COO Brad Baumunk on operational issues. His experience with RCDA client DIRECTV began in the fourth quarter of 2014 supporting the telco channel in San Marcos, Texas. In the first quarter of 2015 Larry ran a successful pilot that led to the expansion of RCDA support to 10 total Sales Champions charged with increasing DIRECTV sales within vendor partner CenturyLink. He managed the telco project through December 2015. From there he ran a pilot for DIRECTV’s outbound division with a goal to improve the quality of the conversation and increase the sales per hour within the Starz campaign. In February 2016 he began supporting RCDA’s Sales Champion in San Antonio, who worked with Direct Sales to improve the bundle percentage for vendor partner Alorica. Alorica’s bundle percentage was 24% in January, grew to 28.75% in February and was on pace to finish March at 34% and lead the enterprise for the second month in a row. In late 2016 he achieved significant gains in supporting a gap closure initiative for CenturyLink.

Today, Larry plays a key role in our ongoing work for AT&T.

He has more than 19 years of experience in training and coaching. His work with corporations in the communications and financial services industries has helped him gain insight into improving sales, management and operational strategies.

Larry believes in kneecap-to-kneecap training and development. He relies on his own demonstration skills to be able to transfer skills to others. He is an effective communicator with keen interpersonal skills and has been recognized for building and maintaining constructive relationships with executives, clients and vendors.

Being observant, patient and down-to-earth enables Larry to help other people focus on the simple things that can really make a difference. He says that once people focus on and perfect the simple things in business, it changes their lives.