Dennis Sepulveda, Consultant

Sepulveda-Dennis-3-174-2Dennis Sepulveda has 16 years of experience in sales, training, coaching and development, and he is well versed and adaptable to the many different aspects of a call center. His major area of expertise within sales is for MSO (cable), satellite and telco products.

While working at, Dennis learned many different aspects of the call center environment. He rapidly climbed the ranks as supervisor, manager, trainer, coach, account manager (where he learned about marketing with a focus on spend) and as a senior manager (where he was in charge of running the entire sales department, before moving onto other ventures).

Dennis is able to adapt to his surroundings, and this has helped him be assertive as a leader and relatable as a trainer and coach. He prides himself on making people better by using and sharing his knowledge in the sales world and teaching others how to make it their own.

He believes that everyone is different, so we must learn who they are and what makes them tick to properly coach, train and motivate them. This has been a key component to his success.