Dan Boyle, Consultant

Boyle-Dan-174Dan Boyle is a professional sales leader, trainer and consultant based in Springfield, Missouri. He is a 16-year veteran of the telecommunication, retail and consulting industries and has worked with clients including AT&T, US Cellular, Expedia and many others. He has built solid foundations with his clients through leadership development, training delivery, curriculum design and quality-driven Six Sigma consulting.

Dan has a long track record of successfully guiding clients through exceeding sales productivity, improving site quality and inspiring and engaging employees to become high-energy teams while driving them to exceed customer expectations and deliver a world-class customer experience.

His high-energy, creative and integrity-driven personality epitomizes why he has been successful. Working side-by-side with employees and leadership to better understand processes and data helps him to deliver customized solutions that improve productivity and drive down costs while keeping focused on the customer experience. His self-motivated, results-orientated leadership style helps inspire and engage employees to be more focused on results and improving their lives.