Some “simple” ways to get started with contact center AI and some real-life use cases

Robert C. Davis and Associates is partnering with SmartAction, which aims to provide industry thought leadership around Conversational AI. Toward that end, we are presenting a series of four videos on the subject. Our first video describes the evolution of the contact center, the technology landscape, and the buzz around AI. Our second video describes how AI co-exists with standard IVR and bots. It also discusses the impact AI can have on customer experience in any channel. Our third video discusses the components that make up conversational AI: exceptional speech recognition, 100% Natural Language, continual learning, and complex task handling. Our fourth video, below, focuses on some of the “simple” ways to get started with AI and discusses some real-life use cases.

Download the key takeaways as a PDF.

Did you miss video #1, #2 and #3? We recommend starting at the beginning for a more comprehensive education.

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Video #4 Above

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