Training: Customer Service to Sales

It’s official: service-to-sales transitions have gone global.  Research shows that 70% of call centers are adding sales to customer service.  Understandably, your company needs to turn a profit, and customer service tends to cost while sales profit.  Maximizing this resource can ultimately make millions of dollars’ worth of a difference for your company in the long run.  Convincing customer service representatives to transition to sales, however, can be a challenge.

Few hear the word “sales” and think of a positive contribution to the company.  Rather they hear more interaction that they simply do not want to deal with.  In this case, forcing employees to transition into sales can be detrimental to their attitude and motivation.  With the right training, however, your company can make the most out of the transition, and your call center agents can be equally happy with the new and improved call center.  Robert C. Davis and Associates has more than 30 years of experience making the transition from service sales a smooth one for your employees and can help train your customer service representatives for sales today.

Phenomenal Training Gets Agents on Board

The first step is to get your agents on board for the transition.  To help them prepare for the change, it’s best to provide them resources like expert tips on service-to-sales calling, in-person workshops with Bob Davis, and training materials that cover every aspect of making a good sales call.

Training will incorporate not only improving but also specific methods to encourage positive agent attitudes.  One of those methods is our exclusive technique call the Quality Conversation. Our Quality Conversation methodology forges real emotional connections without pretenses.  Agents also recognize that they are part of a team so the morale can encourage them to improve with a customer on the line and a smile on their face.  With our training in place, your agents will feel vested in your company professionally and in the customer personally.

Changing Culture to Deliver More Sales

As John Stuart Mill once said, the “internal culture of the individual” is “among the prime necessities of human well-being.” Sustaining positive attitudes is integral to sales, and making the transition properly involves a change of culture. One way to accomplish this cultural pivot is to create effective incentive plans are essential.  Call center agents need to feel not only like they’re part of a team but also a key part of the company.  A logical transition in call flow is also important, making the most of the sales experiences.  For instance, foster an environment in which a lost sale is a growing opportunity.  Your company needs to find modes of connecting emotionally to the customers.  For employees, this can include active listening to learn individual needs.  Each customer’s longevity matters equally.  Also, knowing the industry encourages innovation, new solutions, and the education of the customers to make them feel secure in your service or product.  Also, follow up creates a real connection with the customers.

Ultimately, the core of the transition is the right coaching.  And Robert C. Davis and Associates has three decades of expertise that speaks for itself with clients like AT&T and The Washington Post.  Over the years, we have been teaching agents to control their attitudes.  Beyond that, we reinforce instruction by implementing coaching techniques for first-line supervisors.  We ensure that the changes stick, which creates a new culture of customer service that drives sales.

Don’t settle for just any call center training provider. Change, achieve and sustain with RCDA. For more information, contact us today.