The Contact Center Customer Experience: A Series of Two-Day Courses

Presented by Robert C. Davis and Associates

Behavioral-Based Coaching (4 Modules)

Identifying the behaviors that drive individual agent performance is paramount in affecting call center KPI results. Focusing on an agent’s KPI performance is not enough. Determining why an agent performs a certain way and then isolating the behaviors and root cause is the first step to effective performance management. When agents can relate to a tangible behavior, paired with the guidance and skill transfer from their leader, they can quickly increase their effectiveness at work. These four modules cover the most important coaching tactics to identify and coach the behaviors that drive agent performance and results.

The two-day sessions are highly interactive, hands-on sessions with practical practice of the skills.

Module 1 – Identifying Root Cause Through Data-Driven Decision Making

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES getting to the reasons behind agent performance gaps in CSAT/NPS, close rate, customer retention, and other KPI results important to your company, and knowing how to close those gaps using current contact center reporting.

Module 2 – Making Behavior Stick Through Skill Transfer

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES agents who object to and struggle with new training and skills building, driving sustainability of your company’s desired KPI results, and reducing agent attrition.

Module 3 – The Monthly Performance Review

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES focusing on agent performance, keeping up with progress to goal, building in accountability, promoting positive attitudes, providing opportunities to grow, reducing agent attrition, and driving KPI results important to your company.

Module 4 – Side-by-Side Coaching and Development Basics

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES observing agents during live calls to ensure adherence to best practices, providing guidance and encouragement in real time to meet goals (CSAT/NPS, sales and customer retention), building positive attitude, and reducing agent attrition.

Module 5 – Reducing Attrition Through the Stay Interview Process

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES building positive working relationships and attitudes, focusing on building morale, and reducing agent attrition.

Using a Disciplined Floor Management Strategy to Manage the Chaotic Contact Center (3 Modules)

Staffing to your projected call volume, tracking and adjusting for absenteeism, scheduling meetings and training for agents, doing side-by-side development, running pre-shift huddles and attending leadership meetings are just of few of the challenges in a contact center. A floor management strategy takes the chaos out of the chaotic by aligning best practices in workforce management to all contact center leaders (VPs, directors, GMs, managers, supervisors, WFM) to ensure smooth information flow, personnel development at all levels and desired results across all KPIs. 

Module 6 – Week In the Life Of (WILO) a Leader

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES making the proper allotment of time to coaching, implementing winning time management skills, being efficient and effective, meeting team goals and challenges, and allowing front line leaders to maximize team performance and company KPIs through coaching and development.

Module 7 – How to Run an Effective Team Huddle

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES practicing great employee relations, keeping the team focused on desired results, promoting positive attitudes, empowering agents to deliver world-class results, and exceeding your company’s desired KPI results (CSAT/NPS, sales, and customer retention).

Module 8 – Management by Walking Around (Quick Laps) to Reinforce Behaviors

THIS COURSE ADDRESSES keeping track of performance in real time and reinforcing monthly goals and side-by-side coaching sessions, supporting agent growth, keeping agents on track to meeting their commitments, helping low performers, reducing agent attrition, building positive attitudes, supporting the team and team building, and consistently keeping the team members focused on meeting and exceeding your company’s desired KPI results.

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