Call Center Training

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You can choose from thousands of call center training companies in the U.S. and around the world. All claim to increase sales, service and customer retention results. Why choose us? While others may simply claim to improve results, at Robert C. Davis and Associates, we offer a workflow that has been proven to be effective. It’s called The Robust Call Flow – based on our exclusive Quality Conversation methodology.

Rapidly Train Every Agent in World-Class Technique


For more than 30 years, we’ve been helping Fortune 1000 clients achieve better call center results and sustain those results for the long-term. We provide more than a manual. We begin by transforming the culture of your company from the inside out. Change. Achieve. Sustain: this is our Robust Flow methodology. How do we achieve results? We provide sustained consultation, training and coaching at every level of your organization according to our fundamental beliefs.

Our Consultants

Three areas of expertise are second nature to every member of team —teaching, modeling and skill transfer. Our consultants are master call center trainers who don’t simply teach. We model and transfer skills, inspire high performance and generate results that deliver a substantial return on investment for our clients. 

Our consultants perform exceptionally well under time pressure. We adhere to customer contact center key metrics and the daily demands of your operation. Our call center training team excels at handling complex projects, simultaneous consultation and delivery across multiple locations.

Step 1: Free Consultation!

Many of our competitors charge up-front for an initial consultation. We’re different. We invest in you before we ask you to invest in our call center training services. One of our expert call center consultants will observe your call center operation and devise the optimum strategy and tactics free of charge! To request your free up-front consultation today, contact RCDA now.

Step 2: Program DevelopmentQuality Conversations lead to more sales and happier customers

Initial planning and coordination – In advance of our call center training programs, RCDA will meet with your designated coordinators to review the project plan, ask key questions and set the schedule. We will address and document all concerns and create an action plan and a written communication plan.

Project alignment meeting – We will then conduct a project alignment meeting with your senior managers. This is critical to a successful launch of the project and will significantly impact the speed and effectiveness of all subsequent steps in the call center training program. By insuring that all managers understand the call center training initiative their individual roles in the process, this meeting will increase buy-in and promote collective management commitment.

Customized programs and support materials – RCDA creates customized call center training programs and all support materials working closely with your leadership team. We will build top-producer best practices into the call center training programs and call flows. Our materials will include call-flow scripts, various sales support tools and job aids to be used after training to increase awareness of correct processes and techniques and drive urgency to apply them.

Launch meeting – The final advance step is to hold a call center training program launch meeting with all involved personnel to set expectations and transfer accountability.

Step 3: Onsite TrainingSmiling call center agents with their coach

As soon as RCDA arrives at your site, you will see that we have high energy and deep focus. Our up-front work ensures clear call center training objectives and immediate impact. You will see us immediately on the floor with personnel, training and coaching them one-on-one to achieve sustainable skill transfer.

Our call center training efforts don’t just involve the reps and supervisors on the floor. We work at every level of our client’s organization: from call center personnel and their managers to top company leadership, combining formal instruction and real-world application. Our call center consultants model ideal behaviors for supervisors and coach them until they have mastered them. And RCDA isn’t finished until our clients have achieved sustainable results at all levels—from newly hired telesales, customer service and retention reps to top company leadership.

 Step 4: Ongoing Support

We believe that ongoing call center training programs are essential to sustained success. We will offer ongoing support for years to come.

Don’t settle for just any call center training provider. Change, achieve and sustain with RCDA. For more information, contact us today.