A winning team produces winning results.

Project snapshots

Here are a few project snapshots that show how RCDA customer contact center clients have received substantial returns on investment in our programs with dramatic improvements in customer service, sales and retention.

  • Working with our clients’ outsourced contact centers to drive desired results. Through RCDA OnSite, we help clients dramatically improve the performance of their outsourced contact centers. For a Fortune 500 satellite service provider, we moved one outsourced site’s results from 13th place in 13 sites to first place in just 30 days. Across multiple sites, our work also produced a 50-percent reduction in calls to support, an increase in net subs by 7,200 (generating $10.8 million in revenue), a four-point improvement in NPS, and a three-point improvement in VOC. More info
  • Helping cruise lines sail their way to dramatic revenue increases, and more. Based on our exclusive Quality Conversation methodology, our specialized work for cruise lines centers primarily on agents and supervisors who deal directly with customers rather than travel agents. It has proven to add millions of dollars to a cruise line’s bottom line. And it has provided a world-class customer experience, improving voice of the customer (VOC) survey results. More info
  • Turning mid-performing agents into top-performers. Working with RCDA on coaching training, a Fortune 500 satellite service provider moved 77 percent of its mid-performing agents to top-performing in its Los Angeles contact center. In its Cincinnati contact center, the success rate was 63 percent. This resulted in a dramatic improvement that far exceeded goals for several key metrics and drove high revenue growth.
  • Higher revenue through improved commission structures. Many of the sales professionals at Cox Communications San Diego were very successful under an old commission structure. RCDA conducted a coaching and training program around a new commission structure. Entitled E=MC2, the program generated enthusiastic buy-in from the sales professionals and their supervisors. As a result, many of the sales professionals increased their dollars-per-call average by as much as $10, driving dramatic growth in the company’s bottom line.
  • The right approach to coaching by supervisors. RCDA worked closely with the leadership at Cox New England to change the day-to-day behavior of the sales supervisors. Through a program entitled Stormchasers, RCDA helped the supervisors with this transition by consistently modeling effective coaching skills. By the end of the project, supervisors were spending half of their time on the sales floor coaching their people with excellence. This greatly improved team performance and drove revenue dramatically higher.
  • Offer rate and sales growth. A major credit union member contact center in Pennsylvania moved its offer rate from 24 percent to 84 percent and its sales rate from below .5 percent to more than one percent of call volume, and has rolled out RCDA’s approach to grow its loan business. More info
  • Close ratio and multi-product sales. Using RCDA’s Quality Conversation approach to sales, an authorized reseller for major cable companies increased its closing ratio by 13 percentage points and its multi-product sales by 14 percentage points.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling. We helped a company increase their cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness. By making just a few changes in agent behavior, our program led the average agent sales per day to move from $800 to over $2,000 in one 400-seat contact center, adding millions to the bottom line.
  • Outbound multimedia sales. We have helped several media companies build outbound multimedia sales centers. No longer do they have to wait for inbound calls. Outbound sales associates are generating between $25,000 and $35,000 in advertising revenue each month.
  • Vendor transfer rate. A company increased its vendor transfer rate from three percent to 25 percent. At $5 per transfer, it meant millions to the organization’s bottom line.
  • Inbound retention. Using RCDA’s Quality Conversation approach to subscriber retention, a major high-speed Internet provider increased its saves rate on inbound cancellation calls from 49 percent to 62 percent.
  • Inbound EZ Pay conversion. A newspaper publisher boosted its average EZ Pay conversion on inbound calls to six percent. This also was a multimillion-dollar ROI.
  • Outbound retention. Our approach is proven to boost outbound customer retention. What would a 45-percent conversion of cancellations mean to your company? Our approach has made numbers like these a reality, not just a lofty aspiration. And this has brought millions of dollars to our clients’ bottom lines. An outbound retention group now gets 3.4 saves per hour per rep on requested permanent stops, up from one save per hour per rep before our program was implemented.
  • Sell-in rate. Every customer contact has sales potential. What is your sell-in rate now? What would it mean to increase it by 10 percent? That’s precisely the kind of results we’ve helped other clients achieve—and sustain.

Case studies

  • A regional telco | Customer service and tech support reps needed help becoming true sales people, transitioning from service to sales. Supervisors needed to be more effective coaches. RCDA created, trained and implemented a Quality Conversation call flow and implemented a leadership continuous improvement plan (CIP). This achieved dramatic improvements in customer service RGU close rate, tech support sales close rate, tech support value-add sales, and personal success among the reps. View case study
  • A Fortune 500 satellite service provider | Voice of the customer (VOC) reporting concluded that the client needed to address key areas of opportunity to positively impact its customer experience, sales, retention and bottom-line results. They hired an outside consultancy to create a comprehensive process improvement plan to address the VOC report findings. Afterward, they faced the large challenge of implementing the process improvement plan within its BPO vendor partner contact centers. RCDA implemented the plan across four BPOs and dozens of sites responsible for the direct sales channel to its customers. View case study
  • A Fortune 500 satellite service provider and its telco partner | The client approached RCDA about helping them solve a problem with their largest telecommunications partner. The partner was 6,000 sales behind target leading into the fourth quarter and in jeopardy of missing its yearly target for the third year in a row. The client sought a solution to turn this trend around. Selecting RCDA generated millions of dollars in added revenue for the client and the partner. View case study
  • A Fortune 500 satellite service provider | The client initially engaged RCDA to drive desired results in direct sales. The engagement identified mid-performing agents who had high potential to take part in additional sales training workshops and individual side-by-side (SBS) coaching and development. RCDA collaborated with the client to develop this initiative to drive key performance indicator (KPI) achievement to set goals. Overall KPI achievement improved by 20%, and 80% of the agents who attended workshops moved from mid performance to high performance. View case study
  • A major BPO and its Fortune 500 client | RCDA drove a five percent improvement in sales, millions of dollars in improved revenue for the client and BPO. The project improved operational efficiencies, which streamlined onboarding and time to proficiency. It also reduced attrition for agents and floor supervisors. The effort achieved sustainable and consistent results, reducing daily operational fluctuations in sales revenue and metrics on the production floor. View case study
  • Police and Fire Federal Credit Union | RCDA has an ongoing relationship with Police and Fire Federal Credit Union (PFFCU) that began with delivery of a customized sales training and coaching program called Member Connect starting in the first quarter of 2013. Based on the positive results, PFFCU has expanded Member Connect  beyond its call center and mortgage loan departments into its consumer loan department. The credit union has engaged RCDA in numerous workshops, refresher training and booster clinics across the enterprise as well as an intensive coaches certification program. View Case Study
  • A BPO and a major utility company | New leadership at Vertex, a BPO serving a major utility company in Georgia, saw that a nine-month strategy implemented at the site previously was not working. The utility had lost some 2,000 relationships. Close rates ranged from 18% to 30%. Culture change was required, and Vertex brought in RCDA to deliver the change through a custom Quality Conversation program. The ROI was exponential. View case study
  • Bridgevine | The Selling The Bridgevine Way pilot project drives a large increase in the closing ratio on all calls and in multiple sales to single callers at a near-shore customer contact center outsourcer. The strong ROI leads the client to adopt the program division-wide.  View Case Study
  • AT&T | To boost sales results at the customer service call center level and help agents transition from service to sales, RCDA developed a 90-minute workshop entitled AT&T Rethink Service. As a result, 11 Mobility customer contact centers went from selling 0 U-Verse sales to over 90,000 sales in just six months with about three percent of call volume using the material developed by RCDA. View Case Study
  • Cox Communications San Diego | Client was in the midst of a battle for market share, no longer a local franchise monopoly. It was losing many subscribers to some of the world’s largest telecom companies as well as some of the industry’s most aggressive and well-funded satellite TV organizations. RCDA implemented a training and coaching program entitled RAVE (Retain and Add Value Every Day). By learning and mastering the Quality Conversation approach, Cox reps—supported by proactive coaching RCDA helped their supervisors implement—were able to save a dramatically higher number of subscribers from quitting, adding millions of dollars to Cox’s bottom line. View Case Study
  • USA TODAY | The HEROES program dramatically increases subscriber retention, boosts EZ Pay subscriptions and improves new subscription sales for USA TODAY National Customer Service, adding millions of dollars to the client’s bottom line. View Case Study
  • Morris Communications | A pilot outbound retention center reduces permanent stops by 26 percent, cuts grace-period expense by $200,000 per year, and generates $100,000 per month in revenue for the Florida Times-Union, setting the stage for a multi-newspaper program.  View Case Study
  • Morris Communications | Based on the success of a one-newspaper pilot, an outbound retention program rolls out in a new Shared Services Center for 17 newspapers, resulting in a 50-percent renewal rate and $140,000 in collections per month. View Case Study
  • The Miami Herald | An established retention team receives a customized training and coaching program to increase customer loyalty, EZ Pay and long-term renewals. The team increases collections per hour by 110 percent, for a revenue increase of $1.1 million per year. View Case Study
  • McClatchy (formerly Knight Ridder) | The inbound Customer Care Center for 22 newspapers, handling 4.5 million incoming calls per year, implements RCDA’s Quality Conversation approach and robust call flow to double EZ Pay sales and drive a strong increase in cancellation saves. View Case Study
  • Landmark Communications | The News & Record in Greensboro, NC, attains a ten-fold increase in EZ Pay conversions. Additionally, reps cross-trained and coached in selling new subscriptions achieve a 60-percent prepaid order rate on outbound calls. View Case Study
  • The Dallas Morning News | A new retention call center, built with RCDA’s guidance from recruitment and hiring to training and coaching, converts 70,000 carrier-collects to office pay and achieves 3.2 saves per rep, per hour for thousands of dollars in collections nightly. View Case Study