RCDA’s partnership with Mediu

Thanks to a partnership between Mediu and Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA), your contact center can create the quintessential customer experience journey with best-in-class systems solutions and human interactions.

Decades of experience, an expert team and Genesys Status make Mediu the number-one choice for your contact center systems solutions needs.

Got an issue with your software? A problem with operations, or a hiccup in your execution? Mediu is equipped to handle any systems solutions needs or concerns you may have in your contact center environment.

  • Thorough knowledge of contact centers means we can answer even the most difficult questions.
  • Our hours logged with Genesys mean we have the hands-on knowledge you need to navigate this powerful platform.
  • Intense commitment to excellence means we won’t stop until your customer engagement environment is second to none.
  • And Mediu Assurance and Mediu Analytics are field-tested products we’ve created to meet the deeper needs of our clients’ contact centers.

RCDA augments the power of the finest systems solutions technology on the human interactions side.

In RCDA’s partnership with Mediu (and our accompanying partnership with Genesys), we base our goals upon the belief that once a call is handed off to a live agent, the human interactions ultimately determine the final outcome of the customer experience journey.

Even the most effective systems solutions are only as good as the team of agents who handle the calls.

Our partnership is ideal, because Mediu and Genesys provide the systems solutions that streamline the customer experience journey on the technology side, while RCDA’s contact center consulting, training and coaching programs enhance the customer experience journey on the human interactions side—with an exclusive methodology we call The Quality Conversation.

With optimal contact center systems solutions from Mediu in place, RCDA can help you take the customer experience journey (and sales, retention and revenue) to world-class status by implementing:

  • Floor management strategies.
  • Continuous improvement processes.
  • Customized training, coaching and support programs.
  • Robust call flows based on The Quality Conversation methodology (greeting, discovery, solution, offer, overcoming objections and close).

To learn more about how Mediu and RCDA can help your organization create the quintessential customer experience journey, call 614-885-2100 (Mediu), 678-259-9290 (RCDA) or visit us online today (www.mediu.com | www.robertcdavis.net)!