RCDA fundamental beliefs

How to dramatically improve customer contact center results

Here are some beliefs that are fundamental to the way RCDA generates results on projects. In working with hundreds of large and small organizations, we have found that these fundamentals, when put into a sales culture, dramatically improve results:

  1. Clear and compelling sales expectations are set and over-communicated from top to bottom.
  2. Supervisors know exactly what is expected of them from senior management, and what changes need to happen to increase quality and productivity.
  3. Agents know exactly what needs to be done on an hourly basis to deliver consistently fantastic results. Top-performer behaviors and habits are known and understood at all levels of the organization. All employees understand that they must adopt these behaviors and habits.
  4. Executives know how to build a strong and committed sales culture that penetrates all levels of the organization. Employees in companies like these work at a faster pace with a deeper commitment to quality and overall excellence.
  5. There is a strong inspect-what-you-expect work ethic built into the best sales organizations. Supervisors know how to inspect what they expect and hold their personnel accountable while motivating them to reach the highest performance expectations.
  6. Executives and supervisors know how to apply effective coaching methods that continuously improve the performance of their teams.
  7. Supervisors and their agents work together to identify and document the most effective ways to interact with their customers. These processes are taught to and coached into every member of the team. A no-excuses expectation is set and enforced around these top-performer processes.
  8. Executives are highly focused on retaining top-performing sales employees, and turnover with these special people is well below industry averages. (In fact, with few exceptions, turnover throughout an organization after implementing an RCDA program is typically lower than average.)