Comprehensive Program Support

Vendor Partner and Owned and Operated Contact Center Support

Imagine your vendor partner contact centers performing every day like they do when you are conducting a site visit. All agents are well dressed, sit up in their seats, and follow the call flow with excellence. Team leaders are out on the floor, coaching and interacting with their agents. All huddles and team meetings take place, and they’re always on time and highly effective.

It doesn’t have to be just in your imagination. Ensure that it happens by having an RCDA consultant, an RCDA Sales Champion, supporting each of your vendor partner sites every day. While you’re at it, bring us in to do the same within your owned and operated contact centers.

Why? Because it will improve improve your sales and retention results dramatically and take your customer service quality, VOC numbers and net promoter score (NPS) to the next level. It will add power to your training and coaching efforts, and site teams will adopt best practices across the board. You’ll create trust and true partnership across call center operations, add millions of dollars to your bottom line and realize an exponential return on investment. And it is all sustainable.

We know this from experience. For example, in a pilot for a Fortune 500 digital entertainment provider, our program and embedded RCDA Sales Champion grew one vendor partner site’s sales per 100 by 15 percent and led to a second pilot with embedded RCDA Sales Champions across nine sites. This led to 30-percent lift in sales per 100 and a 300-percent increase in sales month over month. We have stayed on with this client for continued improvement and sustainability of results.

Regardless of your organization’s size or industry, RCDA can work for you, too. The numbers are impressive, and this program offers a new solution to any enterprise looking to improve the bottom-line performance in its contact centers.

RCDA Sales Champions are contact center experts at the ready now. What would it mean to your organization if:

  • You met or exceeded your sales, service and retention goals?
  • Every interaction delivered a consistent, world-class customer experience?
  • The integrity of your brand was not at risk?

This is precisely what our Sales Champions make happen onsite based on your strategy, processes, goals and brand with RCDA comprehensive program support. Here’s how:

  • Leadership assessment, development and certification
  • Process evaluation
  • Observation, analysis and support of sales, retention and customer service training and coaching
  • Side-by-side coaching with supervisors, team leaders and agents in real time
  • Focus on low and middle performers
  • Participation in team meetings
  • Mentoring and modeling
  • Incentive program development and support
  • Sharing best practices across all sites
  • Instructional design
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Daily and weekly reporting with your leadership
  • Recruitment and onboarding support

Our clients have seen truly remarkable results with RCDA comprehensive program support:

  • Exceeded goals for improvement in sales, retention, customer service and customer experience results
  • Positive motion across all key performance indicators
  • Millions of dollars added to the bottom line, and quickly
  • Control of message and brand
  • Strong buy-in among site leadership and personnel
  • Happier managers, supervisors and agents who become empowered to be more successful
  • Sustainability of improved performance