Quality Conversation Speech Analytics

The power of speech analytics, data and the human side of the equation

These days, virtually everyone in the contact center industry is talking about speech analytics and how it uses cutting-edge technology to record and analyze every recorded call enterprise wide to help organizations understand the sum total of customer interactions with agents and their adherence to best practices, the quality of the customer experience and how customers think and react. Using speech analytics helps companies zero in on cost-drivers, trends, how the marketplace perceives their offerings, strengths and weaknesses of offerings and operations, and the effectiveness of call flows and processes. In short, it collects all the data so that nothing (positive or negative) is missed.

The two key questions are, how do you implement speech analytics optimally across your owned-and-operated and outsourced call centers, and how do you use what you learn from speech analytics most effectively?

Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) has been instrumental in tapping and maximizing the power of disruptor technology in speech analytics. We have made it easier and more cost effective to implement and have combined it with the know-how to react properly and most profitably to what speech analytics reveals. We call it Quality Conversation Speech Analytics. It is revolutionizing how contact centers gain actionable insights into operational effectiveness and the customer experience. And the net result is a superior return on investment.

The nuts and bolts (the platform)

Let’s start with our platform and speech analytics capabilities:

  • Cloud-based technology versus premise-based
  • Four big data analytic engines versus speech analytics by itself
  • Proprietary speech analytics predictive modeling technology
  • Built-in performance management functionality
  • Built to integrate outsourcing partner performance data
  • Custom-built visual dashboards versus canned dashboards
  • Mapping the customer journey versus no mapping capabilities
  • Proprietary speech analytics quality assurance evaluations
  • Mapping existing NPS scores to verbatim calls
  • Script adherence scoring
  • Best agent, best behavior predictions

Other advantages over other providers:

  • Cost of entry significantly less expensive
  • Automatic upgrades to the newest software versus paying for each upgrade
  • Extremely limited internal IT support needed versus 100% internal IT support needed with other providers
  • Total visibility into partner performance versus no visibility
  • NPS actionable intelligence that includes partners versus limited intelligence
  • Industry leading experienced customer insights services analysts team at your disposal
  • Successfully launched within two months versus up to 10 months
  • Best-in-class change management experts to integrate into the culture of the business.

The engine (RCDA’s Quality Conversation and team of master consultants)

RCDA augments the power of our speech analytics solution with our ability to drive positive change, consistency and best practices on the human interactions side once we outline business objectives and KPI challenges. Our contact center consulting, training, coaching and support programs enhance the customer experience journey with an exclusive methodology we call The Quality Conversation.

With the combined strength of our speech analytics solution, team of master consultants and Quality Conversation methodology, RCDA can help you take the customer experience journey (and sales, retention and revenue) to world-class status by implementing:

  • Floor management strategies.
  • Continuous improvement processes.
  • Customized training, coaching and support programs.
  • Robust call flows based on The Quality Conversation methodology (greeting, discovery, solution, offer, overcoming objections and close).
  • Our revolutionary auto quality assurance evaluations.

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