How The Quality Conversation approach drove additional sales in the cable and credit union sectors

Bob Davis The Quality Conversation bookAn excerpt from The Quality Conversation by Bob Davis

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Here is an example of how The Quality Conversation drives measurable results in business. Bridgevine is an authorized reseller and customer contact center company working for several major cable television companies. It hired my company, Robert C. Davis and Associates, to conduct a pilot project with one key question in mind: Would The Quality Conversation approach with cable customers drive additional sales in digital products and services?

It did.

For the pilot project, we trained and coached a selected group of Bridgevine’s agents and their supervisors on how to have Quality Conversations with customers who called the center.

Typically in cable customer contact centers, customers often call for help with a remote that doesn’t work, to pay a bill, or to ask about the current Internet deal.

Bridgevine’s pilot group of agents and supervisors learned, practiced and used The Quality Conversation approach through a combination of intensive classes, role-plays, and on-the-job application. They quickly achieved truly remarkable results:

  • The number of customer calls that converted to a sale increased by 13 percent.
  •  The number of single sales that converted to multi-product sales rose by 14 percent.

These increases represented a huge boost in revenue for the client cable companies. As a result, Bridgevine moved beyond the pilot program and had us implement the training and coaching program system-wide. This drove revenue dramatically higher.

Next, let’s take a closer look at how Bridgevine’s customer contact center transformed their calls with cable customers to meet the definition of The Quality Conversation and achieve such great results.

Enthusiastic greeting

Agents on the Bridgevine pilot project team learned how to greet each caller with sincere enthusiasm.

Assurance of help

Regardless of the request, agents gave customers an enthusiastic assurance of help.

Full discovery

Here is the secret sauce in The Quality Conversation! Regardless of why each customer was calling, the agents asked what I call full discovery questions on all the customers’ digital needs.

For those who called in about the Internet, the agents asked related questions such as, “Would you consider yourself a heavy Internet user with a need for speed, or more of a light user?”

After asking these questions, they transitioned to other digital products by asking, “While we find the best value for your Internet needs, let me ask, will you be using the Internet to connect your TV or phone service?” Whether the answer to this question is yes or no, it provides a platform to ask about existing TV and phone service.

This full discovery goes beyond providing the agents with opportunities to sell. The Quality Conversation also helps customers sell themselves on additional digital products. How? They begin talking about their wants, interests and needs for the full range of services and attractive deals. Full discovery also allows customers to vent at an emotional level. They can talk about how frustrated they are with their current Internet speed or about customer service issues with their current provider. This gives agents valuable information.

A process that empowers agents

The Quality Conversation call flow process we customized for Bridgevine also empowers agents with methods for:

  • Effective search and qualification
  • Solutions and upselling
  • Handling objections
  • Doing trial closes and closes using an assumptive approach
  • Cross-selling
  • Wrapping up the call with a full disclosure and recap

The results of the pilot project speak for themselves.

In short, the key components of The Quality Conversation are enthusiasm, taking a genuine interest in the customer, and asking great discovery questions.

My company implemented a similar program based on The Quality Conversation for the Member service center and mortgage loan department at Police and Fire Federal Credit Union in Philadelphia. It was called Member Connect. The results were impressive:

  • In just five months, PFFCU’s offer acceptance rate rose from 11 percent to 26 percent (a 236-percent increase).
  • PFFCU’s booked loans increased from 6 percent to 15 percent (a 250-percent increase).
  • Before the program launched, PFFCU sold 4,476 loans during a five-month period in 2012. After the program, the number of sold loans during the same five-month period in 2013 rose to 5,149.
  • The loan growth exceeded PFFCU’s loan growth goal by four percentage points.

How about you: do you hold Quality Conversations? Do others in your company hold them with their customers every day? Do they lead Quality Conversations that turn customers into fans and put the customers in the zone of affection? If not, doing so now will have a very positive effect on your company’s bottom line.


What would results like these mean to your organization’s bottom line? Contact Bob Davis today for a free consultation.


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