Presenting the offer in a compelling, matter-of-fact and assumptive way

Bob Davis The Quality Conversation bookAn excerpt from The Quality Conversation by Bob Davis

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Abraham Lincoln said, “If you were to win a man to your cause, first convince him you are his sincere friend.” In The Quality Conversation with a prospective customer, you:

                                • Are enthusiastic in your greeting.
                                • Show genuine interest during full discovery.
                                • Present a solution that is customized for the customer.

Why wouldn’t the customer think of you as a sincere friend? Why wouldn’t he or she accept your offer?

In most cases, your company sets the offer or provides a selection of possible offers you will make, most likely at a set price. It is your job to sell yourself on the value of the offer. If you do not think it is a good value, your customer will not think so either.

When I was a young man right out of college, I went to work for a global training company. In Boston, I attended my first sales meeting. Today, the price of the training course we were selling is more than $1,700. Back then, it was only $295, and the company had just decided to increase the price to $325. A senior salesman at the meeting had been offering the program at $295 for many years. He reacted to the price increase by jumping out of his 120 The Quality Conversation seat and exclaiming at the top of his lungs, “Now you have done it! That’s just too much! You have put us out of business!”

Of course, life went on, and the company did not go out of business. That salesman needed to sell himself on the value of the service he was selling. No matter what we are selling, we all need to sell ourselves on the value of what we are selling.

When you truly believe the solution will fulfill the customer’s wants, interests and needs, you can present the offer in a compelling, matter-of-fact and assumptive way. By this I mean that once you have gone through full discovery, you are on solid ground because you know exactly what the customer needs and why. At this point, you have acquired the knowledge and have earned the right to make this offer. Why wouldn’t you act in a matterof- fact way? Why wouldn’t you assume the customer is going to buy?

I have had the good fortune to work all over the world with top sales people. They have one thing in common: When it comes time to make the offer, their attitude is matter-of-fact and assumptive.


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Key words

You can also use some key words when you present your offer. One is the word “entitled.” Most people take what they are entitled to. Have you ever observed people at a buffet? They almost certainly take what they are entitled to! This is a power word that conveys one thing : The customer can take advantage of an exclusive right.

You might say something like:

  • “Mr. Jones, I have good news for you! We have a great offer on the package that best fits your needs. As a matter of fact, you are entitled to a 10-percent discount today. You are entitled to a discounted price of only $129 per month.”

Again, the key is to say this in a very matter-of-fact, assumptive way. Speak as if there is no possible way that the customer will deny this offer. Think to yourself, “Of course the customer is going to accept it!”

When you use the word “entitled,” customers will accept your offer more often than when you do not.

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