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Bob Davis The Quality Conversation bookBook available now on Amazon: The Quality Conversation by Bob Davis

What are the keys to unprecedented success in your professional and personal life? Bob Davis knows. He’s applied them in his own life, and as a trainer, coach and consultant, he’s shared them for over 30 years with scores of companies across multiple industries and thousands of people who have taken his training and coaching programs across America and overseas.

The secret sauce of his approach is called The Quality Conversation. Bob breaks down this process into bite-sized pieces, inspiring anecdotes and exercises you can apply in your life.

Examine the role of attitude, taking a genuine interest in others, living and working with enthusiasm and the way you greet others. Improve your sales results and life in general by learning to engage in full discovery, provide custom solutions, make compelling offers, overcome objections and make an assumptive close. Strengthen your goal setting and time management skills, and tap the power that comes with high self-confidence. It’s all in The Quality Conversation, and it will change your life for the better, too. Get your copy of this thought-provoking book, and engage!

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  • How a contact center customer service rep at a major newspaper used The Quality Conversation to save a subscriber from quitting, and more. Read excerpt
  • The Quality Conversation defined, and the most powerful motivator. Read excerpt
  • Emotional connections, measurable results, NPS and VOC. Read excerpt
  • Are your customers in the right zone? Read excerpt
  • How The Quality Conversation approach drove additional sales in the cable and credit union sectors. Read excerpt
  • Handling difficult customers and negative situations effectively (self-talk). Read excerpt
  • The importance of making the bridge to full discovery. Read excerpt
  • Engaging in full discovery. Read excerpt
  • Using the mean question and the discovery summary. Read excerpt
  • The custom solution and using features, bridges and benefits. Read excerpt
  • Presenting the offer in a compelling, matter-of-fact and assumptive way. Read excerpt
  • A long-proven process for overcoming objections. Read excerpt
  • How an effective close is just a natural, comfortable and logical conclusion to a Quality Conversation. Read excerpt