Our proven process engages customers in a meaningful dialog, satisfying their concerns and providing solutions that advance business objectives.

What makes RCDA unique:
The Quality Conversation

You’ll find thousands of training, coaching and consulting companies in the United States and abroad, all claiming the ability to improve results for customer contact centers. But RCDA stands out in the crowd because of our unique winning approach.

Training is critical, but it simply isn’t enough. We help companies change their culture, achieve better results and sustain those results over the long term by adhering to the principles of our exclusive Quality Conversation methodology and Robust Call Flow method for customer contact.

Efficiency Versus Effectiveness: The Quality Conversation and the Robust Call Flow

Sales/New Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

We have developed these fundamentals of change, achievement and sustainability over more than 30 years of experience. Working at all levels of the organization—from customer contact center personnel and their managers to top company leadership—RCDA blends formal instruction and real-world application.

We get out on the floor with your people and coach them one-on-one until we have achieved sustainable skill transfer. We model ideal behaviors for your supervisors and coach them on these behaviors until they can carry them out with excellence. And we stay on the job until we have achieved sustainable results at every level—from the newest telesales, customer service or retention representative to the most senior executive.

Our Offer

Free up-front consultation

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge you for the advance time we spend observing your operation and determining optimal strategy and tactics. Before we ask you to invest in our services, we invest in you. Contact us to request your free up-front consultation today.

Immediate impact

The moment RCDA arrives on-site, our energy is high and focused. Our objectives are crystal clear. Our impact is immediate.

Master trainers and coaches

Teaching, modeling and skill transfer are second nature to every member of our team. Never new to the game, we have been playing it—and winning it—for decades. Our master trainers don’t just teach. We model and transfer skills. We inspire action. We generate dramatic results.

Performance under pressure

What’s more, RCDA excels under time pressure, adherence to customer contact center key metrics, and the daily demands of your business. Can we handle complex projects? Simultaneous consultation? Delivery across multiple locations? Absolutely.