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RCDA OnSite Driving desired results in outsourced contact centers

What are some more specifics on how RCDA OnSite improves the client-outsourced customer contact partnership?

  • Expectations: The first and most important element is clear expectations between the client and outsourcer. RCDA has developed a proven method based on the experience gathered while working with Fortune 500 clients.
  • Building Trust: There is no greater challenge between organizations than developing trust. RCDA manages a process that is designed to build trust quickly and creates a sustainable communication model that works for both the client and the outsourcer. This trust becomes the foundation of a mutually beneficial partnership that ensures profitability for both the client and the outsourcer.
  • Training: RCDA provides the necessary training and coaching to improve agent hiring, agent performance and agent VOC scores. Through an exclusive approach developed by RCDA president Bob Davis, The Quality Conversation, agents learn the techniques needed to provide an excellent customer experience in sales, customer service, and retention. The RCDA coaching model is designed to sustain the agent training by effectively teaching supervisors how to be effective coaches. All training and coaching is custom-designed to drive key performance metrics for clients in any industry.
  • Hands-On Experience: The only way to ensure the client and outsourcer are in compliance with the service level agreement: Have a team onsite that understands not only the organization but also the industry. RCDA Champions are experts in the business of managing the process for the client and outsourcer. They have extensive experience in contact center operations, executive management, sales and retention across multiple industries. We embed into the outsourcer’s operation to ensure the processes and communications are effective for making the right management decisions. We make recommendations to the client and outsourcer to improve operations, communications, training and performance.
  • Reporting: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This is our operating principle for setting clear expectations, building the trust between the partners and achieving the desired results for the client-outsourcer partnership. We achieve performance results through the effective process of defining the key metrics, measuring the metrics in the proper context and effectively managing contact center personnel and executive management against these numbers.

What is the cost of implementing RCDA OnSite?

  • What is your contact center costing you today?
  • What is the cost of not managing the relationship between you and your outsource partner?
  • How effective is the current management process between you and your outsourced contact center?

See what RCDA OnSite achieved for a Fortune 500 entertainment provider with multiple outsourced contact sites.

If you are like most organizations, the value of the customer experience translates into the profitability for your organization. The price of the average transaction may be measured in direct sales, the cost of losing a customer or the cost of having to reduce the price of your product or service to retain a customer. Implementing RCDA OnSite will improve your sales and reduce your losses. For our current clients, this represents millions of dollars to the bottom line. Let us share these significant results with you directly. Contact us today, and let’s explore the potential improvements for your organization.

Now is the time to:

  • Regain control of your outsourcer relationship without taking on the headache of internal management issues.
  • Get the complete information needed to make decisions regarding your future business plans.
  • Have a better relationship with your outsourcer based on truth, trust, a common vision and common goals.
  • Be more productive and increase your bottom line dramatically.
  • Reduce your cost per transaction.

Take the first step today to learn how you can implement RCDA OnSite. Let us put your mind at ease and help you manage the process effectively from day one. Let us help you get it right the first time by utilizing our experience in effectively managing these relationships through RCDA OnSite.

Request a complimentary site visit below, or simply contact RCDA president Bob Davis to explore how well RCDA OnSite can work for you. E-mail bob@robertcdavis.net or call direct at (678) 548-1775.

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