Orlando Rodriguez, Consultant

Rodriguez-Orlando-174Orlando Rodriguez has provided support to organizations in areas of coaching and development to deliver world-class results. In roles including career developer, Orlando has created energetic, high-quality work environments, motivating team members to accomplish individual and company goals and objectives. He has an exceptional ability to capture a group workshop settings.

He has driven superior team networking to achieve positive organizational metrics as a dispatching supervisor. His high-caliber techniques in root cause analysis for AAA helped agents simplify day-to-day duties. His appealing approach helped introduce new statewide regulations to meet productive company output. As a result, the client extended a contractual agreement that led to team expansion and promotional opportunities for aspiring team members.

As a customer care coach, he helped T-Mobile ramp up its FlexPay prepaid service. He located specific in-house talent to create a solid, reliable team for the call center and generate significant new revenue. This paved the way for recognition, and he received the I Am T-Mobile Award and numerous certificates for outstanding performance in helping career path individuals.

Orlando has an academic focus on business communication, living each day with the concept of “no good luck, just never give up.” He believes in hard work and perseverance in conjunction with teamwork.