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Cox CableCable companies have responded to shifts in consumer preferences and more competitive choices by offering new and upgraded products and services such as DVR, higher speed Internet, HDTV, VoIP telephone service and a variety of ways to bundle these products and services. However, despite the ongoing development and roll-out of cutting edge technology, industry experts urge cable companies to stay focused on one of the basics of the business. A recent article in CableFAX summed it up best with a quote from cable industry consultant Imran Shah: “The customer experience will continue to be an important competitive differentiator,” he said.


At Robert C. Davis and Associates, we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to cable & satellite call centers. By applying our exclusive Quality Conversation approach in training, coaching and consulting for our cable clients, we’ve seen them achieve dramatic growth in sales, customer retention and service-to-sales conversions. For example, we’ve helped clients achieve milestones including:

  • 100% improvement in RGU loss on retention calls | Cox Cable
  • 50% improvement on saves results on true cancellation calls | Cox Cable
  • 14% increase in multi-product sales | Comcast (through an authorized reseller)
  • 13% increase in close ratio | Comcast (through an authorized reseller)

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We’ve done it by teaching and coaching our Quality Conversation process, helping teams gain confidence, and winning over their attitudes about selling. Our consultants have showed agents the value of showing genuine interest in the customer and increasing the ask rate. We’ve given them smooth, comfortable transitional phrases and taught teams how to use them. Our approach includes asking excellent discovery questions and how to overcome objections. Most importantly, we help our cable clients sustain results by:

  • Providing proven coaching training programs for supervisors including the seven proven tactics for increased effectiveness on the floor:
    1. Skill transfer
    2. Daily team meetings
    3. Side-by-side coaching
    4. One-on-one coaching sessions
    5. One-on-one goal setting meetings
    6. Quick laps (daily on the floor among agents)
    7. Monthly team meetings
  • Doing follow-up calls with the project manager three times per week to ensure consistent practice.
  • Leading follow-up team meetings with supervisors to help them stay on top of their responsibilities.

Engage Every Caller in a Quality Conversation

The Quality Conversation Call Flow

The Quality Conversation Call Flow

The Quality Conversation works because it engages customers in a meaningful dialog, satisfying their concerns and providing solutions that advance business objectives at the call center level for cable companies. It also involves a robust sales process that leads representatives through an enthusiastic greeting, full discovery, solution, overcoming objections and an assumptive close. Learn more here.

At RCDA, our slogan is Change, Achieve, Sustain. For cable and satellite organizations and our clients across all industries, we help change cultures, achieve desired results and sustain those results over the long term.

What’s the ROI for cable companies that invest in an RCDA training, coaching and consulting program and The Quality Conversation? In terms of revenue, our cable clients have realized ROI as high as more than 90 times their fees to RCDA!

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What can The Quality Conversation and RCDA change, achieve and sustain for your company? Based on experience, we’re confident you’ll boost customer satisfaction, deepen customer relationships (more bundles), convert more service calls to sales and drive revenue significantly higher. Contact RCDA today for a free consultation.

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