Customized Quality Conversation Programs

RCDA can also design and implement customized programs based on our exclusive Quality Conversation robust call flow. Let’s take a closer look.

Efficiency Versus Effectiveness: The Quality Conversation and the Robust Call Flow

Sales/New Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

Many call centers run on an efficiency-based model. Better results are obtained by focusing on effectiveness. Let’s examine The Quality Conversation and robust call flow and sales model: 

  • Warm, Enthusiastic Greeting – The first 15 seconds of a call determine how the rest of the call goes. The greeting conveys enthusiasm, assurance of help from the very start, plus clarity of purpose.
  • Full Discovery – We need to understand the customer’s wants, interests and needs. We discover these variables by listening, restating and assuring help, drawing out hidden concerns, isolating primary concerns, finding areas to add value, and bridging to a solution.
  • Solution – The solution must strike a chord with the customer. If we’ve done a good job at discovery, the solution will present itself. This is the essence of consultative selling.
  • Compelling Offer (and Overcoming Objections) – If we have provided a solution that adds value and addresses the customer’s wants, interests and needs, the customer is ready to respond positively to the offer—but it, too, must be presented correctly. This is the most common time during the process for agents to receive objections. The agents must be ready for these objections with a proven process for overcoming them.
  • Assumptive Close – We need to review the wants, interests and needs of the customer and tie those to features and benefits of our client’s offerings. We are disciples of the assumptive close. If the call flow is handled correctly, closing with an assumptive approach will, time after time, win the desired result.

More Coaching for Supervisors

The call flow is explained above in summary form. It takes a significant level of training, coaching and on-the-job application to master it. This is why the most important investment in our programs is coaching—not only for agents but also for the supervisors:

  • It is critical that supervisors receive call flow training. They must be competent coaches and be experts in demonstrating the sales process. This equips them for what is among the most important elements of their job—being out on the floor doing side-by-side coaching of their agents.
  • Before supervisors can coach mastery, we help them become masters themselves.

Our customized Quality Conversation programs also include:

  • Continuous improvement processes (CIPs)
  • Proven coaching and performance tactics including skill transfer, daily team meetings, side-by-side coaching, one-on-one coaching, one-on-one goal setting, supervisor “quick hits” and “quick laps” on the floor, and monthly team meetings
  • Internal brands or themes that build and reinforce a world-class sales, retention and customer service culture
  • Intensive certification programs that certify supervisors and agents on their new skills