Case study: RCDA drives agent improvement in direct sales for a Fortune 500 satellite service provider


A Fortune 500 satellite service provider initially engaged Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) to drive desired results in direct sales. The engagement identified mid-performing agents who had high potential to take part in additional sales training workshops and individual side-by-side (SBS) coaching and development. RCDA collaborated with the client to develop this initiative to drive key performance indicator (KPI) achievement to set goals including:

  • Percent to credit check (%CC)
  • Non-fee close rate (NFCR)
  • Close rate (CR)
  • Package penetration (PP)
  • Advanced receiver services (ARS).

RCDA’s Role

RCDA worked with the client to develop and deliver the workshops to help agents overcome common objections, ask more robust discovery questions and control the call using a formula called acknowledge, inform and move-on (AIM). The 45-minute workshops focused heavily on role-play activities.

RCDA resources (Sales Champions) worked closely with site leadership to identify the right agents (mid-performing with high potential) for targeted workshops. The Sales Champions delivered the workshops with high energy and enthusiasm to these deeply engaged agents. At the end of each workshop the agents wrote and signed individual commitments to apply what they had learned.

After the workshops, the Sales Champions followed the agents to the floor for SBS coaching and development, using the agents’ commitments as guides. The commitments created a clear path for skill transfer and additional coaching and development. The skill transfer process had five steps:

  1. Explain
  2. Demonstrate
  3. Practice with Coaching
  4. Observe
  5. Feedback (positive leading to positive feedback or negative leading to repeating the appropriate steps until achieving positive results)

The Sales Champions sat next to each agent on live calls and coached throughout the calls. The skill-transfer model successfully drove and reinforced the desired behaviors.

After the coaching sessions, the Sales Champions performed team manager debriefings. This allowed the team managers to participate in their agents’ coaching and development process and further reinforced the skills and behaviors from the workshops and SBS.


  • Qualitative – Agents left workshops feeling very engaged and ready to sell due to the high-energy, well designed role plays and the Sales Champions’ overall confident and competent delivery. The agents reported that they loved the individual coaching and development sessions and the opportunities to demonstrate their new skills.
  • Quantitative – Overall KPI achievement improved by 20%, and 80% of the agents who attended workshops moved from mid performance to high performance. The effort drove exceptional sales and retention numbers, dramatically improving the customer experience and adding millions of dollars to the client’s bottom line.
  • Continuation – Given the high return on investment, the client continued to have RCDA deliver these workshops, the coaching tactics and the proven skill transfer process.