Case study: Landmark Communications


Landmark Communications (News & Record in Greensboro, NC)

Internal Brand

WIN Relationships The News & Record Way


12 months


The News & Record, like many US newspapers in mid-sized markets, was experiencing substantial circulation decline. Unwilling to accept the consequences of this decline, leadership at the News & Record hired RCDA to train and coach their inbound and outbound reps to apply our Quality Conversation approach and a robust sales model with the goal of generating more EZ Pay conversions and cancellation saves.


Leadership at the News & Record understands wisely that converting subscribers to EZ Pay is a key element to retention success. RCDA trained and coached reps to apply the robust sales model to effectively position EZ Pays. In addition, the reps were trained and coached to have quality conversations with subscribers with the goal of boosting over-the-phone collections. RCDA has found that making calls early in grace is an ineffective use of resources since many of these subscribers fully intend to renew their subscription. Before this project, the News & Record had eight reps making calls to subscribers early in grace. RCDA changed this practice so that the reps only made calls to subscribers who are deep in grace. The reps then used the extra time to make outbound calls aimed at selling new subscriptions.


This project drove a ten-fold increase EZ Pay conversions for The News & Record. Additionally, the retention reps were able to increase their individual production from an average of one collection per hour to three collections per hour. The cross-trained reps also had tremendous success selling new subscriptions as evidenced by a remarkable 60-percent pre-paid order rate on new subscription calls. This quality approach to new subscription sales has led RCDA to believe there are huge opportunities in the newspaper industry to improve the way it currently sells new subscriptions.