Case Study: Cox Communications San Diego


Cox Communications San Diego

Internal Brand

RAVE (Retain and Add Value Every Day)


Six months


Cox Communications was in the midst of a dramatic transition period. In fact, it was a battle for market share. The organization was no longer a local franchise monopoly. Instead, it was in fierce competition with—and losing many subscribers to—some of the world’s largest telecom companies as well as some of the industry’s most aggressive and well-funded satellite TV organizations.


RCDA found that the key to retaining Cox’s existing subscriber base and adding more subscribers was to sell existing subscribers on the value of multi-product bundles as well as having Quality Conversations with those who called in to cancel (thousands per year). By incorporating RCDA’s Quality Conversation approach and robust sales model ( into the RAVE call flows, reps were able to discover the subscriber’s wants and needs as well as the true reasons for cancellation requests on inbound calls. As a result, they solved issues and retained subscribers in a non-aggressive, subscriber-centric, mutually rewarding way.

Additionally, the marketing department at Cox was doing an excellent job of driving sales calls into the call queues, making it easy for reps to act as order-takers. However, knowing that bundling products was a key to retaining subscribers, RCDA implemented a process of measuring dollars per call instead of RGUs. The process includes incentives for reps based on dollars per call instead of RGUs, and incorporates the Quality Conversation approach.


RCDA succeeded in changing the call center culture at Cox from one that was efficiency-driven to one that is effectiveness-driven. We measured and tracked the additional dollars generated from each and every inbound call. By learning and mastering the Quality Conversation approach, Cox reps—supported by proactive coaching RCDA helped their supervisors implement—were able to save a dramatically higher number of subscribers from quitting, adding millions of dollars to Cox’s bottom line.