Case Study: Bridgevine


Bridgevine (an authorized sales channel for leading cable companies including Comcast, Charter and Cox)

Internal Brand

Selling The Bridgevine Way


Three months


Bridgevine’s calls are handled by a near-shore outsourcer. At the outset of the Selling The Bridgevine Way pilot project, the performance of the agents varied widely. A handful of the agents were top performers, but the vast majority were average performers. RCDA knew that getting these average performers to sell at the top-performer level would deliver a significant return on investment. The two areas of improvement identified to deliver this ROI were the closing ratio (the ability to sell more of the customers calling in) and the ability to sell multiple products to each customer who made a purchase. The overall goal in the pilot project was to prove the sales effectiveness of RCDA’s exclusive Quality Conversation model, robust call flow, and training and coaching approach with the pilot team.


RCDA first studied the behaviors of the top-performing agents and found that they were very conversational with the customers, they asked many good questions, and they were absolutely fearless when it came to dealing with customers’ objections. Their best practices were integrated into the Selling The Bridgevine Way program.

Next, RCDA picked a pilot team of 14 agents who had been on the Bridgevine account for between six months and a year and who had not distinguished themselves as anything but average-performing agents. RCDA trained and coached these agents on the Quality Conversation and worked with supervisors on the process and coaching skills. The program included instruction on an enthusiastic greeting and full discovery around customer wants, interests and needs. Participants learned how to use features, bridges and benefits specific to the digital products offered by the client cable company, and to relate those features, bridges and benefits to what they learn from the customer during discovery. Additionally, the class went through intensive training in proven processes for overcoming objections. The new skills were reinforced though repeated practice in role-plays and on the phones. Following the initial training and coaching, RCDA provided booster clinics and side-by-side coaching on live calls to build skill levels and sustainability.


The closing ratio on all calls by the pilot team members increased by 13 percentage points. Multiple sales to single callers increased by 14 percentage points. This sales growth exceeded everyone’s expectations and is driving a huge ROI for the client. The program has been so successful that Bridgevine/Offerwire and the cable company are rolling out Selling The Bridgevine Way for all agents and supervisors division-wide.