Call Center Consulting

What to expect from a Robert C. Davis and Associates call center consultant

Before you bring in a call center consultant, it’s important to know definitively what an effective one does. Our slogan summarizes this best: Change. Achieve. Sustain.
At Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA), our call center consultants is comprised of deeply experienced industry veterans who change the sales, customer service and retention culture, achieve desired results and sustain those results over the long term in two general ways:

  • Teaching and coaching our exclusive, proven Quality Conversation process
  • Going beyond the classroom setting to get out on the floor with your people to interact, understand, teach, persuade, model and inspire

Your desired situation and how to achieve it

Let’s look first at what you want—the desired situation that an effective call center consultant will help you achieve:

  1. Every call is completed with enthusiasm and a helpful tone of voice. Agents are upbeat and eager to understand customer needs, and they those needs back to the features and benefits of your offerings.
  2. A robust sales, customer service and retention approach is a top priority for your organization.
  3. All agents use a highly effective contact process that solves problems, generates increased service quality, and discovers new sales opportunities.
  4. Supervisors understand how to work with and coach agents to apply the sales, customer service and retention models. Team members need to believe their managers are eager to coach and to help them succeed.
  5. Supervisors have mastered, can demonstrate, and can teach all essential sales, customer service and retention skills needed to produce top results.
  6. Supervisors understand how to generate positive motivation and enthusiasm daily with their agents using incentives, positive feedback and recognition.
  7. Supervisors understand how to use compelling expectations and goal-setting to improve results through clear, frequent communication and feedback.

Universal project goals – To achieve your desired situation, your RCDA call center consultant will begin with a universal framework of basic project goals:

  1. Culture. Create a sales, customer service and retention culture in your call center so that you have an exciting, competitive, focused environment for generating world-class results—every day, on every call.
  2. Robust call flows. Develop robust call flows and an overall sales, customer service and retention model that ensures agents apply a top-down sales approach on every call. The process guides agents to explore customer needs and unique selling positions and to ask discovery questions centered on the wants, interests and needs of the caller.
  3. Team application. Ensure that the entire team (management and agents) can apply world-class sales skills on every call.
  4. Accountability. Install accountability systems that make sure the calls are happening consistently and establish acceptable close rates so that results can be sustained over the long term.
  5. Skill-sets. Maximize supervisors’ leadership skills, because they will have the greatest impact on what happens day-to-day with your agents.
  6. Coaching and modeling. Support and reinforce training with onsite coaching and modeling on side-by-side coaching and team meeting techniques to ensure that skills are transferred and sustained.
  7. Product knowledge. Establish acceptable product knowledge levels to insure agents have a commanding understanding of all aspects of your offerings.

RCDA also adheres to fundamental beliefs about the importance of setting clear and compelling expectations, having a strong inspect-what-you-expect work ethic, implementing strong coaching methods that drive continuous improvement, and retaining top-performing employees. Learn more

The Quality Conversation

Many call centers run on an efficiency-based model. Better results will be obtained by focusing on effectiveness. This requires the adoption of our exclusive Quality Conversation methodology, call flow and sales, customer service and retention models. It’s our secret sauce that has generated millions of dollars in added revenue for our clients in five basic steps in the call flow—Greeting, Discovery, Solution, Offer and Close. Learn more

To make all of this happen, your RCDA call center consultant will hit the ground running for your organization, from initial planning and coordination and customized programs and support materials to extensive follow-up until not merely results but sustainability of results is achieved.

A free assessment from a call center consultant

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer the up-front time required to observe your call center operation and devise the optimum strategy and tactics at no charge. We invest in you before we ask you to invest in our call center training. To request your free consultation today, contact RCDA now.

It’s the first step toward change, achievement and sustainability—and the highest return on investment—for your call center operation.