Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) is not just another contact center consulting company. We are a CHANGE agent that helps our clients ACHIEVE their goals and SUSTAIN their success with an exclusive process we call The Quality Conversation.

Adapted to the realities of the pandemic

Remote delivery

The world has changed dramatically for contact centers since the pandemic. Robert C. Davis and Associates ( has had great success providing for clients who need training and coaching delivered remotely to owned-and-operated sites’ and vendor partners’ supervisors and agents working from home. We utilize video conferencing, chat, email and teleconferencing with exceptional results. For example, for one major client we achieved nearly a four-fold increase in sales in the span of just one month.

Local vendor management, sales, retention, customer experience resources

We’ve also built a network of local vendor management and sales, retention and customer experience resources in the US and globally, poised not only to help companies whose teams can’t travel or who are working from home but also all set to transition to going back onsite and working within what we expect to be the new paradigm combining onsite and work-from-home teams. Again, all of our services can be delivered remotely.

The Quality Conversation

We base all we do on the principles of our exclusive Quality Conversation methodology. The Quality Conversation is a meaningful and mutually rewarding dialog that occurs when a person takes and clearly conveys a genuine interest in another individual’s wants, interests and needs (WINs). It goes beyond building rapport to make an emotional connection and establish real trust. Practicing The Quality Conversation with authenticity and proper skills shows others that you truly care and are genuinely interested in them.


Sophisticated Marketplace. Now more than ever, customers are more sophisticated and aware of competitive opportunities. For optimal sales, retention, customer service and customer experience results, having Quality Conversations is essential.

Further, when more transactional calls are contained in the IVR or routed to self-service, the calls your agents have to answer are more challenging. These calls really require The Quality Conversation.

World-Class Culture. Training is critical, but it simply isn’t enough. A change in organizational culture must take place to ensure your people handle every customer contact in a world-class way. Bring that change about with RCDA.


Better Bottom Lines. By changing cultures, our programs have generated millions of dollars for our clients. RCDA achieves dramatic bottom-line improvement by providing:

  • Contact center optimization (onsite and work-from-home teams).
  • Call flow and customer contact protocol development.
  • Training and coaching for contact center leadership and front-line personnel.
  • Custom-created programs for improving inbound and outbound sales, retention, customer service and the customer experience (CX).
  • Program and project management.


What good are training programs and culture change if their effects fade away and the old ways of doing things return?

Staying Power. For decades we have worked on sustainability at all levels of our clients’ organizations, from contact center agents and their managers to top company leadership.

  • We blend formal instruction and real-world application.
  • We work with your people and coach them one on one until we have achieved sustainable skill transfer.
  • We model ideal behaviors for your supervisors and coach them on these behaviors until they can carry them out with excellence.
  • We stay on the job until we have achieved sustainable results at every level, from the newest agent to the most senior executive.
  • We transfer our skills to your coaches and training department. So even after we conclude, an enduring foundation for long-term high performance remains.

We focus on people, process and technology to:

  • Create world-class cultures and customer experiences.
  • Optimize the contact center and work-from-home protocol to improve the employee experience, empowering teams to deliver stellar results.

We are industry-agnostic and understand what it takes to create “favorite brand” status for your product or service.


RCDA can ensure your people are empowered to meet the customer’s WINs in a way that shows genuine interest, builds rapport, makes an emotional connection, and establishes real trust. We will train, coach and mentor your supervisors and agents on enhanced call flows and all other processes and tools aligned with The Quality Conversation methodology and your company’s culture and values. We will make sure your people are equipped to be not just good but great for all your customers – internal (employees) and external.


Generating world-class sales, retention, customer service and customer experience results requires refined processes. Your technology must support them to allow your people to serve the customer with ease. RCDA can review your processes and make recommendations for needed changes to ensure they are aligned with your culture and values – and are supported by a robust coaching and development plan. We will ensure your recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, workforce management, workload management and quality assurance align to support your operations and goals across every KPI.


RCDA can evaluate your current contact center technology solutions (including work-from-home solutions) to determine if they are right for your business and if they are optimized. We will make recommendations for enhancements or the procurement of new cutting-edge solutions. We continually evaluate legacy contact center solutions and the most current solutions using artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and robotic process automation (RPA). If your solutions need to be optimized, RCDA will build a roadmap and assemble a team to deliver the roadmap or augment your existing team. If new solutions need to be procured, we will run the RFP process.


Our services can help you make exceptional improvements in:

  • Customer experience (CX) – CSAT/NPS.
  • Customer acquisition.
  • Customer retention.
  • Service to sales conversions.
  • Agent attrition and morale.
  • Revenue (millions of dollars added to your bottom line).
  • And much more.


Comprehensive Program Support

Our highly qualified consultants can deliver program support for your owned-and-operated and vendor partner contact center operations. RCDA will dramatically improve your sales, retention, customer service, customer experience, service to sales, and agent attrition and morale results. We will add power to your operations teams and to your training and coaching efforts. And we will drive best practices adoption across the board. As a result, you’ll create trust and true partnership across contact center operations, add millions of dollars to your bottom line and realize an exponential return on investment. Plus it is all sustainable.

Supported Rollouts

Many organizations find themselves with a robust new sales, retention or customer service program or new call flows ready to go, but they don’t have the resources to roll them out effectively across the enterprise – particularly in the work-from-home scenario. Often, they need it very quickly. If this is your situation, RCDA can provide virtually any number of contract trainers and coaches for your owned-and-operated and vendor partner contact center operations to implement your new programs and call flows consistently and effectively with superior results. And we will be up and running very quickly with your teams no matter where they are working, driving improved results exceptionally fast.

Customized Quality Conversation Programs

RCDA can also design and implement customized programs based on our exclusive Quality Conversation methodology and robust call flow. Many call centers run on an efficiency-based model. We know that better results are obtained by focusing on effectiveness.

Again, The Quality Conversation is a meaningful and mutually rewarding dialog that occurs when a person takes and clearly conveys a genuine interest in another individual’s wants, interests and needs. It goes beyond building rapport to make an emotional connection and establish real trust. Practicing The Quality Conversation with authenticity and proper skills shows others that you truly care and are genuinely interested in them.

Quality Conversation acquisition call flow

Quality Conversation retention call flow

New Contact Center Deployment and Contact Center Optimization

RCDA also has extensive experience and a strong track record of success in launching new contact center operations and optimizing existing contact center operations. We provide:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Site selection and work-from-home integration.
  • Contact center software and hardware selection and support.
  • Staffing models.
  • Training and coaching programs.
  • Cost-savings analyses.
  • Ongoing support.

Quality Conversation Speech Analytics

Speech analytics uses cutting-edge technology to record and analyze every recorded call enterprise wide to help organizations understand the sum total of customer interactions with agents and their adherence to best practices, the quality of the customer experience and how customers think and react. We have been instrumental in tapping and maximizing the power of disruptor technology in speech analytics. We have made it easier and more cost-effective to implement and have combined it with the know-how to react properly and most profitably to what speech analytics reveals. We call it Quality Conversation Speech Analytics. It is revolutionizing how contact centers gain actionable insights into operational effectiveness and the customer experience. And the net result is a superior return on investment. We can deliver all of this to your contact center operation.

Productive Leadership

RCDA focuses on building leadership skills in five interrelated areas: Transitioning from doing to leading, balancing people and process, balancing motivation and accountability, coaching for results, and handling conflict and negativity.

We also cover leadership styles, how to tap into your leadership potential, the qualities of outstanding leaders, and key results areas. Participants learn to make a monthly project list, work smarter not harder, deliver outstanding communication, use winning human relations skills, and gain cooperation at every level. Additionally, our work covers outstanding coaching, the idea of common purpose, and earning trust. We also address productivity, delegation, specifics on accountability, and fostering creativity with empowerment. Part of our program delves into how to bring out the leadership potential of others, organization structure, resolving conflict, proactive change, and time management.

RCDA can set up your site leaders (and their teams) for unprecedented success.

From Cost Center to Profit Center – Service to Sales

We also have extensive experience helping contact center personnel turn high-volume transactional calls (customers calling to pay bills, ask questions about service, make account changes, etc.) into sales opportunities. This is contact center KPI-focused improvement consulting and support work (CX, NPS/CSAT, customer acquisition and retention, and service to sales). For example, when AT&T acquired our client DIRECTV, using The Quality Conversation approach was highly successful in transitioning DIRECTV’s transactional calls into wireless sales opportunities. This drove strong wireless sales gains while providing a world-class customer experience.

RCDA can transform your contact center from a cost center to a profit center.

Workforce and Workload Management

RCDA optimizes current workforce management (WFM) practices through process improvement and documentation and creates a technology roadmap, focusing on workload management (WLM) and the current use of technology solutions. We will evaluate and make recommendations to enhance your current WFM and WLM practices – with particular attention to the work-from-home scenario.

  • Improve workflow and incorporate a skills-based push model.
  • Work with IT to integrate technology solutions.
  • Review current WFM and WLM practices, policies and procedures.
  • Implement optimized workflow and call routing, taking advantage of skills and economies of scale.

RCDA can develop and implement the ideal WFM and WLM systems for you.

The Contact Center Blueprint, Franchise Model and Continuous Improvement Programs

With our robust continuous improvement program (CIP) framework for contact center operations, RCDA can create sustainable change by engaging leadership at all levels to create a feedback and development loop that focuses on identifying and coaching to behaviors. Proper coaching is key to developing and retaining the right employees. We will provide a CIP playbook for daily, weekly and monthly planning and execution of RCDA coaching tactics that improve CX and drive first-call resolution (FCR). We will also create a customized work-from-home team management strategy (the first component of the CIP). Each CIP activity is designed to enhance the other activities, with the team management strategy as the blueprint.

Contact Center Leadership Two-Day Courses

RCDA offers a series of eight online intensive courses delivered via videoconferencing, “The Contact Center Customer Experience: A Series of Two-Day Courses,” around enhancing the contact center customer experience at a very cost-effective rate per course. The courses include:

  • Identifying Root Cause Through Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Making Behavior Stick Through Skill Transfer
  • The Monthly Performance Review
  • Side-by-Side Coaching and Development Basics
  • Reducing Attrition Through the Stay Interview Process
  • Week In the Life Of (WILO) a Leader
  • How to Run an Effective Team Huddle
  • Management by Walking Around (Quick Laps) to Reinforce Behaviors

Online Courses for Work-From-Home Teams

To meet the demand of organizations seeking training for their teams working from home during these challenging times, we offer three online courses designed to maximize the performance of supervisors, leaders at all levels, and contact center agents in the work-from-home environment.

  • For supervisors: Coaching your work-from-home agents for maximum results
  • For leaders at any level: proven leadership tactics
  • For agents: The secrets of The Quality Conversation 

Strategic Partners

RCDA’s strategic partners are industry leaders who help our clients achieve their sales, retention, customer service and customer experience goals. We work with AI, WFM, telephony, IVR, Six Sigma and speech analytics solution providers to name a few.

Next steps

Operations Evaluation

RCDA will perform a complimentary evaluation of your contact center operations. During the evaluation, we will meet with stakeholders in each of the business units (via video conference or in person if it is safe to do so) to document current processes and future state. We’ve performed hundreds of similar evaluations, and we will be able to provide a wealth of valuable insights concerning your organization after just a single day of observation and discovery.

Key Insights Presented

Next, RCDA will write and present a key insights document that summarizes the strengths of your organization and opportunities for improvement. The ideas set forth in similar key insights documents have led to multi-million dollar returns for our clients.

Meeting with Leadership, Proposal Drafted

After presenting your key insights document, we will meet with your leadership to outline how RCDA can be of maximum value. Once everyone agrees on the project strategy and its execution, RCDA will present a detailed proposal outlining the project steps and costs.

Let’s have a Quality Conversation of our own when we can move forward with these next steps toward your desired results in sales, retention, customer service, customer experience and more. Discover all that RCDA can CHANGE, ACHIEVE and SUSTAIN for your organization.

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Brad Baumunk, President and COO, 512-695-2511,