Robert C. Davis and Associates (RCDA) is not just another consulting company. We are a CHANGE agent that helps our clients ACHIEVE their goals and SUSTAIN their success with an exclusive process we call The Quality Conversation.

The Quality Conversation

We base all we do on the principles of our exclusive Quality Conversation approach. We define The Quality Conversation as a meaningful and mutually rewarding dialog that occurs when a person takes and clearly conveys a genuine interest in another individual’s wants, interests and needs (WINs). It goes beyond building rapport to make an emotional connection and establish real trust. Practicing The Quality Conversation with authenticity and proper skills shows others that you truly care and are genuinely interested in them.


Sophisticated Marketplace. The world has changed significantly for organizations that rely on customer contact centers to generate revenue. Now more than ever, customers are more sophisticated and aware of competitive opportunities. It is far more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than to attract a new one, so we can no longer be passive telemarketers or order takers.

World-Class Culture. Training is critical, but it simply isn’t enough. A change in organizational culture must take place to ensure your people handle every customer contact in a world-class way. Bring that change about with RCDA.


Better Bottom Lines. By changing cultures, our programs have generated millions of dollars for our clients. RCDA achieves dramatic bottom-line improvement by providing:

  • Situation analyses
  • Strategic sales model, call-flow and customer contact protocol development
  • Training and coaching for customer contact center personnel and management
  • Custom-created programs for improving sales, customer service and customer retention
  • Program and project management


What good is a training program and culture change if its effect fades away and the old ways of doing things return?

Staying Power. For decades we have worked on sustainability at all levels of our clients’ organizations, from customer contact center personnel and their managers to top company leadership:

  • We blend formal instruction and real-world application.
  • We get out on the floor with your people and coach them one-on-one until we have achieved sustainable skill transfer.
  • We model ideal behaviors for your supervisors and coach them on these behaviors until they can carry them out with excellence.
  • We stay on the job until we have achieved sustainable results at every level—from the newest telesales, customer service or retention representative to the most senior executive.
  • We transfer our skills to your coaches and training department. So even after we leave, an enduring foundation for long-term high performance remains.


Embedded Support

Through our RCDA OnSite program, we provide embedded support from our highly qualified consultants—Sales Champions—in vendor partner and owned-and-operated call center sites. RCDA OnSite will improve your sales and retention results dramatically and take your customer service quality, VOC numbers and net promoter score (NPS) to the next level. It will add power to your training and coaching efforts, and site teams will adopt best practices across the board. You’ll create trust and true partnership across call center operations, add millions of dollars to your bottom line and realize an exponential return on investment. And it is all sustainable.

RCDA Sales Champions are contact center experts at the ready now. What would it mean to your organization if:

  • You met or exceeded your sales, service and retention goals?
  • Every interaction delivered a consistent, world-class customer experience?
  • The integrity of your brand was not at risk?

This is precisely what our Sales Champions make happen onsite based on your strategy, processes, goals and brand with RCDA OnSite. Here’s how:

  • Leadership assessment, development and certification
  • Process evaluation
  • Observation, analysis and support of sales, retention and customer service training and coaching
  • Side-by-side coaching with supervisors, team leaders and agents in real time
  • Focus on low and middle performers
  • Participation in team meetings
  • Mentoring and modeling
  • Incentive program development and support
  • Sharing best practices across all sites
  • Instructional design
  • Weekly conference calls
  • Daily and weekly reporting with your leadership
  • Recruitment and onboarding support

Our clients have seen truly remarkable results with RCDA OnSite:

  • Exceeded goals for growth in sales, retention and customer service
  • Positive motion across all key performance indicators
  • Millions of dollars added to the bottom line—and quickly
  • Control of message and brand
  • Strong buy-in among site leadership and personnel
  • Happier managers, supervisors and agents who became empowered to be more successful
  • Sustainability of improved performance

Supported Rollouts

Many organizations find themselves with a robust new sales, retention or customer service program or new call flows ready to go, but they don’t have the resources to roll them out effectively across the enterprise. Often, they need it very quickly. If this is your situation, RCDA can provide 20, 30 or even 50 or more contract trainers and coaches at your owned-and-operated and vendor partner contact centers to implement your new programs and call flows consistently and effectively with superior results. And we can be up and running in your contact centers driving improved results exceptionally fast.

RCDA Sales Champions

Our consultants, RCDA Sales Champions, are master trainers and coaches who can implement your new programs with exemplary results. We will:

  • Effectively execute your programs with expert training and coaching enterprise-wide, strong reporting, continuous improvement and sustainability.
  • Ensure consistency and compliance to new models and best practices.
  • Help sites stay focused on true north (proceeding in the right direction).
  • Create trust and true partnership across call center operations and win the hearts and minds for new processes.
  • Ensure that site teams adopt best practices across the board.

With our Sales Champion resources quickly up to speed and in your contact centers we will provide:

  • Proven training and coaching processes to execute your programs and call flows.
  • Classroom training followed by on-the-floor real-time coaching, observation, performance reviews and support.
  • Operational process confirmations.
  • Agent certification.
  • Frontline leadership/operations development and certification.
  • Specialized skill transfer to leaders and agents.
  • Mentoring and modeling.
  • Assured compliance.

Strong foundation, setting the stage for sustainability

By having RCDA support your rollout, you’ll have a strong foundation and teams that are prepared to sustain new models long term. We’ll provide a highly effective implementation of overall strategy and best practices for higher sales, customer retention and an improved customer experience. You’ll have consistent enterprise-wide training and coaching and operational efficiency. Attrition will go down, because we’ll enhance the contact center culture by winning strong buy-in among site leadership and personnel. Your managers, supervisors and agents will become happier and empowered to be more successful.

Customized Quality Conversation Programs

RCDA can also design and implement customized programs based on our exclusive Quality Conversation robust call flow. Let’s take a closer look.

Efficiency Versus Effectiveness:
The Quality Conversation and the Robust Call Flow


Many call centers run on an efficiency-based model. Better results are obtained by focusing on effectiveness. Let’s examine The Quality Conversation and robust call flow and sales model:

  • Warm, Enthusiastic Greeting – The first 15 seconds of a call determine how the rest of the call goes. The greeting conveys enthusiasm, assurance of help from the very start, plus clarity of purpose.
  • Full Discovery – We need to understand the customer’s wants, interests and needs. We discover these variables by listening, restating and assuring help, drawing out hidden concerns, isolating primary concerns, finding areas to add value, and bridging to a solution.
  • Solution – The solution must strike a chord with the customer. If we’ve done a good job at discovery, the solution will present itself. This is the essence of consultative selling.
  • Compelling Offer (and Overcoming Objections) – If we have provided a solution that adds value and addresses the customer’s wants, interests and needs, the customer is ready to respond positively to the offer—but it, too, must be presented correctly. This is the most common time during the process for agents to receive objections. The agents must be ready for these objections with a proven process for overcoming them.
  • Assumptive Close – We need to review the wants, interests and needs of the member and tie those to features and benefits of our client’s offerings. We are disciples of the assumptive close. If the call flow is handled correctly, closing with an assumptive approach will, time after time, win the desired result.

More Coaching for Supervisors

The call flow is explained above in summary form. It takes a significant level of training, coaching and on-the-job application to master it. This is why the most important investment in our programs is coaching—not only for agents but also for the supervisors:

  • It is critical that supervisors receive call flow training. They must be competent coaches and be experts in demonstrating the sales process. This equips them for what is among the most important elements of their job—being out on the floor doing side-by-side coaching of their agents.
  • Before supervisors can coach mastery, we help them become masters themselves.

Our customized Quality Conversation programs also include:

  • Continuous improvement processes (CIPs)
  • Proven coaching and performance tactics including skill transfer, daily team meetings, side-by-side coaching, one-on-one coaching, one-on-one goal setting, supervisor “quick hits” and “quick laps” on the floor, and monthly team meetings
  • Internal brands or themes that build and reinforce a world-class sales, retention and customer service culture
  • Intensive certification programs that certify supervisors and agents on their new skills

Deploying new contact centers

RCDA also has extensive experience and a strong track record of success in launching new contact centers. We provide:

  • Strategic planning
  • Site selection
  • Contact center software/hardware selection and support
  • Staffing model
  • Training and coaching program
  • Ongoing support

Our proven methodology involves a phased approach:

  • Phase 1: Project alignment meeting
  • Phase 2: RFP process and preliminary set-up
  • Phase 3: Staffing
  • Phase 4: Project status assessment
  • Phase 5: Training material development
  • Phase 6: Launch
  • Phase 7: Ongoing support


  • History of launching highly successful contact centers with RCDA OnSite
  • Increased sales and retention performance
  • Improved NPS and Voice of the Customer (VOC) scores
  • Sustainable trust
  • True partnership
  • Exponential ROI and millions of dollars added to bottom line

Service to Sales

We also have extensive experience helping contact center personnel turn high-volume transactional calls (customers calling to pay bills, ask questions about service, make account changes, etc.) into sales opportunities. For example, when AT&T acquired our client DIRECTV, using The Quality Conversation approach was highly successful in transitioning DIRECTV’s transactional calls into wireless sales opportunities. This drove strong wireless sales gains while providing a world-class customer experience.

Next steps

Site Visit at No Charge

RCDA will make a site visit to your site at no charge. During the site visit, we will meet with stakeholders in each of the business units to document current processes and future state. We’ve performed hundreds of similar site visits, and we will be able to provide a wealth of valuable insights concerning your organization after just a single day of observation and discovery.

Key Insights Presented

Next, RCDA will write and present a Key Insights document that summarizes the strengths of your organization and opportunities for improvement. The ideas set forth in similar key insights documents have led to multi-million dollar returns for our clients.

Meeting with Leadership, Proposal Drafted

After presenting your Key Insights document, we will meet with your leadership to outline how RCDA can be of maximum value. Once everyone agrees on the project strategy and its execution, RCDA will present a detailed proposal outlining the project steps and costs.

Our Investment Up Front, Not Yours

RCDA would like very much to add your organization to our growing list of respected clients. Leading up to that point, we are willing to perform all of the work outlined above at absolutely no charge!

So let’s have a Quality Conversation of our own when we can move forward with these next steps toward the sales, retention, customer service satisfaction and more that RCDA can CHANGE, ACHIEVE and SUSTAIN going forward with your organization. Contact RCDA today!