RCDA introduces online work-from-home courses for contact center teams

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO

To meet the demand of organizations seeking training for their teams working from home during these challenging times, Robert C. Davis and Associates (http://robertcdavis.net) is excited to present three online courses designed to maximize the performance of supervisors, leaders at all levels, and contact center agents in the work-from-home environment.

For Supervisors: Coaching Your Work-From-Home Agents for Maximum Results


  • Holding effective virtual team meetings
  • The one-on-one meeting using video conferencing that delivers high impact 
  • Side-by-side coaching in the new world
  • Checking in meaningfully, more important now than ever 
  • The getting-to-know-you meeting for new employees 
  • Helping new hires get up to speed from home
  • Dealing with the emotional challenges of the new world

For Leaders at Any Level: Proven Leadership Tactics


  • How to communicate more effectively as a new supervisor
  • Steps for building trust and gaining respect
  • Time management skills that really work, working under pressure
  • Delegating
  • Delivering criticism and discipline
  • Discovering strategies to improve your team’s performance, promote accountability, and promoting collaboration and engagement to inspire and motivate your staff
  • Becoming an exceptional listener

For Agents: The Secrets of The Quality Conversation 


  • The power of the greeting (You only get one chance to make a good first impression.) 
  • Making your attitude your best friend
  • Becoming genuinely interested in your customer, even on a three-minute call. 
  • Questions that create an emotional connection with your customers
  • Full discovery to understand your customer’s wants, interests, and needs 
  • Presenting your solution in a compelling way 
  • Overcoming objections 


RCDA will teach each of the seven topics in each course via a 90-minute Zoom meeting. We will:

  • Cover the topic. 
  • Discuss how the topic fits into their environment in a customized way.  
  • Model the behavior during the session, give participants several scenarios, and have them work on the session topic.
  • Give the participants an assignment:
    • Pick a staff member, a time, and place during the next week. Use what you learned in class. Next week, you will come back to class and tell us what happened when you did. 
  • Deliver one 90-minute session that includes the reports from the previous week’s assignment plus the new lesson and the new assignment.

Benefits of this approach  

  • Time-space learning – We have always believed in time-space learning. With the Zoom approach, we will deliver this training and use this approach over seven weeks. It will give participants one bite-size piece at a time and let them work on that piece for an entire week. Conversely, a one-week seminar approach would give participants seven topics all in one week, and before they could apply the ideas, they would likely forget about them. 
  • Peer group pressure – The participants will be compelled to put into practice what we teach, because each week, we will require them give a report to their peers about when, where, and how they used what they learned the previous week. We have seen this peer group pressure get the best out of even the most unmotivated person.


$700 per session for up to 20 participants, including customized materials for your organization

For more information on any of these courses, please contact Robert C. Davis and Associates today!

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