How to drive desired contact center results in a challenging time

By Bob Davis, Founder and CEO, Robert C. Davis and Associates

Now that your people are working from home because of COVID-19, how do you keep them engaged? How do you keep them focused on their KPIs? How do you help them balance all of those KPIs when service levels are still suffering? The answer, of course, is that your supervisors need to be experts in working with these virtual agents. They need to be able to calm their fears, rebuild the trust they had, and hold them accountable for doing their best. Robert C. Davis and Associates has developed training for supervisors and their managers working under these circumstances. We have delivered this training virtually to supervisors and their managers worldwide, near shore and offshore. We have delivered this training in Pakistan during the border wars, in the Caribbean after the hurricanes, and in The Philippines after the floods. 

Now is the time for you to give this help to your supervisors and their managers. 

The Course: Leading Teams in a Virtual Environment 

  • Quick Check-Ins By Chat – When the supervisor is not sitting at the head of the queue, the need for check-ins increases. When do you check in, and what do you say? How do you keep it upbeat and keep your agents focused? 
  • One-On-Ones by Phone – People need this 30-minute period with their supervisors more now than ever. What is done in these meetings during difficult times? How do you calm people’s nerves and keep them focused on the job at hand? Your supervisors need these people skills that build employee engagement. 
  • Virtual Side-By-Side Coaching – This will vary by phone equipment capabilities. Can you whisper coach? Can you live monitor? Do you need to relay on recorded calls? No matter what, we will show your supervisors how to give meaningful feedback and get your agents focused on their KPIs. 
  • How Do You Provide Recognition in a Virtual World? No more balloons or recognition boards. How do you move this important element that is needed now more than ever into a virtual environment?
  • Virtual Team Huddles – This is another coaching tactic that is needed now more than ever. Supervisors have struggled to deliver meaningful huddles in person. Complicate all of this by making huddles virtual, and they really need some pointers to make this time worth everyone’s while. 
  • The Three Cs of Virtual Coaching – Care. Coach. Coordinate. 

This program can be delivered virtually in a matter of a few hours. Reach out to us today to discuss how to build employee engagement during this challenging time.

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