Contact center quick laps by Robert C. Davis and Associates: Make the most out of time with your team

A four-part series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

By Brad Baumunk, President and COO, Robert C. Davis and Associates 

Recently I attended a client quarterly business review. Each quarter, they choose one of the contact center locations for the meeting, and we get time to observe leadership in action. We were deploying new coaching tactics to 17 locations for this particular client and were about 70% complete. I decided to walk the floor with a director from a site who had not yet deployed Robert C. Davis and Associates’ quick laps with a purpose model. As we walked the floor, we encountered supervisor after supervisor doing quick laps: asking about goals, praising employees for things they heard them do well on the phone, and asking engaging work-related questions. The director was amazed and said to me, “Now I know why this is the number-one producing site. I look forward to having quick laps deployed in my site next month.”

Our quick laps with a purpose model is meant to help team leaders focus their energy on reinforcing the commitments made during monthly performance reviews (MPRs) and side-by-side coaching. Our goal is to help you create a performance-driven culture, and doing quick laps is the perfect way to remind team members of their purpose and goals.

Once you have reached agreement on the one thing that the team member is going to work on, they will need reminding. Once is not enough! We need to find a way to keep the commitment that team members make to us in the forefront of their minds. We do this though quick laps. At the outset, executive leadership must convey that they expect contact center leaders to get up from their seats, make the rounds and speak to each agent two times every day.

During slow times you can ask:

1. How is it going?

2. What have you been working on since our last side-by-side coaching session?

3. How has it been working?

4. Please give me an example.

5. Great, keep it up!

During busy times, still do your quick laps. Stand behind the team members one at a time and listen for them to do what they agreed to do. When they are fulfilling their commitments, congratulate them. When they are not, remind them of their commitments.

If you want get ahead of your competition, let’s set up a call to learn more about our proven quick laps with a purpose model and how it can be of high value to your contact center operation. When would work best for you over the next few days? We look forward to our conversation!

A four-part series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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